everyone meet your newest “storm” for the x-men movies

i want them to do storm from x-men movies right.
halle berry was decent,
but alexandra shipp was the pitts.

i’m ready to see another actress be storm.
well i’m in luck because x-men fans want someone else to play storm too.
they even started a petition to get this actress…

trans actress,
aka dominique jackson,
from pose.


elektra comes off a powerful black woman.
she is statuesque and commands the room.
that is how i see storm.
everyone else who has been up for the role has been too “safe” tbh.
imagine elektra floating down from the sky with a one liner?
she can’t be any worst than the others.
i’ll allow it.

Do you think Elektra would make a good Storm?

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38 thoughts on “everyone meet your newest “storm” for the x-men movies”

  1. I’m still trying to see what is Beyoncé doing in Black Panther 2. She has been hired as a cast member, which one they not saying.

  2. Dominique could play an X-Men character; not Storm tho. First off, you see the backlash when Kitty Pride actress announced she was gay. They wanted to pull Kitty instantly and she hasn’t been in a X-Men movie since that.

  3. OR..here’s an idea…create a trans superhero duo like Wonder Twins, played by a brother/sister duo of trans or one trans/one not twins?

  4. I respectfully disagree with this petition for reasons others have already stated…

  5. I actually Nominate Teyana Taylor as Storm and I’m most likely not budging ….


  6. What’s an “African accent”? Storm is half Kenyan, so find an actress that can do an accent from the specific country. Not some random, made up “African” accent.

  7. Wow this comment section is so hateful. Ultimately the person that fits the character the best, and fits in with the rest of the mcu characters should get it. The person they cast has to look appropriate opposite Chadwick. They eventually marry in the comics. I Dominique looks more mature than Chadwick. Chadwick is in his 40s but he looks very youthful. Lupita would have been perfect if she wasn’t already in black panther.

  8. She just needs to be statuesque, dark complexion, and have the ability to carry an African accent. Also, she needs to be young enough to do 3 films over a 6-8yr period. But please don’t cast an actress who is young enough to play a teenager like Alexandra Shipp. I’d say the medium age should be 29-32..

    1. To add:

      I just did a google search of Dominique Jackson (as I’m not familiar with her work) and she certainly has the “look” to portray the Storm we all have wanted since Brian Singer miscast Halle Berry in the 2000 X-men franchise. Dominique stands at 6’1 which mets the statuesque requirement I wanted, and she’s dark skin. I don’t care that she’s trans, but you can bet Black Straight audiences will make a fuss about it. Especially if any romance between her and Chadwick occurs in the film.

      1. Did you say miscast? Halle has brought her to a whole new level. Alexandra was a miscast, then again FOX controlling a Marvel story was an entire miscast.

  9. they might as well get Yetide Badaki who played as queen Sheba in American Gods And you see a lot of biological transphobic straight black women already mad at black trans women so don’t add fuel to the fire

    1. Not might as well. They should. She’s an amazing actress and is the epitome of a Nubian goddess.

      Yetide is the perfect Ororo in my opinion. 🤷🏿‍♂️

  10. Yeah no. Dominique is not good on pose. So many amazing dark skinned actresses not domonique

  11. Fuck no…Storm is a Biologically born Dark skinned Black woman. These lady is a whole Trans smh. They wouldn’t dare do this to a White female character like Jean Grey or Wonder Woman.

  12. Definitely she exude energy. This is a no brainer and she can introduce a narrative about the trans experience making her a first trans and different. I say “Yes”!

  13. Jodie All Day Long.. or Dominique…. As long as she is dark Skinned!!!!! ( LOVE)

    1. ^^^ This right here.

      Look, be progressive n alla that and I love her on Pose, but as an actress, she’s the worst one of the bunch. I mean THE WORST of the group. She does a solid electra but I don’t think she can act well, honestly. She sounds like she’s reading lines most of the time.

      No, she ain’t it!! Love her tho!

      1. I feel like Indya moore is the worst on the show especially when they give her crying scenes, but I’m not disagreeing with the assessment of Dominique’s abilities.

      1. ^listen,
        the comic book nerds will cut your throat.
        many of them haven’t forgiven brian singer for his x men movies.
        they waiting for his ass in the streets

    1. Honestly, I would make Anna Diop a front runner if she wasn’t so good as Star Fire.

      Aja Naomi King is a NO.
      Tiki Sumpter is a NO.

      If all else fails I say put Ryan Coogler in charge of casting her. I feel like he’ll find the one.

  14. Hell muthafckn no! I’m sorry but she too old and cannot, does not and will not be Storm. As an avid X-Men fan this is offensive idgaf! Storm is Jodie Turner Smith in case y’all ain’t know…she’s perfect for the role.

    1. I’m not sure about Jodie. Maybe if she can pull off a decent accent? Storm must have some kind of accent this time!

      I feel like there’s gotta be some African actress waiting on a big break that could body this role.

      I want a good Rogue caster as well. Leave Wolverine in the vault for 5-7 years.

      1. Why not? She has the look, the swag it would be easy to give her an accent. Picture her with long white Afro hair or even a white Mohawk. She can do it. This role is iconic and the one they cast must be on point! No More half stepping!

        1. Looking at her again you might be on to something!

          What do you think about Lashana Lynch? She’s going to be the first 007 in the new James Bond movie.

          1. She has a masculine quality about her I don’t appreciate. Plus I feel she lacks poise. She seems more thick and hearty.

    2. You do realize in the X-Men comics Storm was older than the rest of the team minus Wolverine…

      1. Yes I surely DO and it’s still a NO. I respect the above. Shorty cool and all that but she ain’t no freakin Storm. Storm is next level. Cut it out

  15. Comic book nerds went crazy when Anna Diop was cast as Star Fire and Michael B. Jordan was cast as The Human Torch. Come to find out the Josh Trank wanted a black actress for Sue Storm too but the studio wasn’t having it.

    This is highly unlikely.

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