Is Keyshia Cole About To Be Back On Her Bullsh!t?

over?so remember when i said something about keyshia cole,
when her and booby’s show was on,
and she decided to clap back on twitter?

i said something about her not being interested in him.
some shit that was obvious to all of us.
well i guess i was right because judging from mouth to ears and these two’s social medias…

It seems as if Keyshia may just be over Boobie and his problems. Not only is he insecure, but he’s overbearing too. All the cheating rumors don’t help the situation either.

She had to switch up her life for him including firing her manager, Manny Halley. Now that he’s on the brink of losing his job, Keyshia might be running into the arms of another.

This past weekend Young Jeezy had a birthday party at Compound in Atlanta. Guess who showed up? Keyshia and without her Boobie! Ish like that doesn’t happen when you’re “happily” married.

Keyshia may be looking to rekindle that flame with Jeezy because Boobie just aint it. He’s not handling business and to be honest he’s just not hood enough for her.

Oh, but wait…Jeezy isn’t the only thing Keyshia wants back.

The singer might be looking to link up with her old team again. That’s right…Keyshia wants Manny back as a manager too.

Can we blame her? Look who he’s working with now…Nicki Minaj!

Lets just say…at this point we wouldn’t be surprised if a divorce comes sooner than later.
Boobie you might want to get your ish together!

tumblr_mexmv1fS9G1r8xb8fo1_500going to see her ex meat?
word in the forest is allegedly booby got some vixen pregnant.
i guess we can expect a stellar album if this the case.
i miss “i shoulda cheated/loooooovvvvv*crack*vvvvvve” keyshia.
well she already starting with this instagram post:

Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 1.10.52 PMScreen Shot 2013-09-30 at 1.11.50 PMshots fired?
she should chill.
she know booby be on his drake suicidal shit.

lowkey: keyshia is a hood chick.
booby is a “good boy”.
it’s just not gonna work…
…or will it?
stay tuned to “days in our dysfunctional love lives”.

story from: mouth to ears
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Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “Is Keyshia Cole About To Be Back On Her Bullsh!t?”

  1. LOL ^^ & ive always said there relationship wasn’t going to last she treats him like shit on that show & Hes to fine to put up with that BS.

  2. When you become uninterested some else becomes interested. Some women don’t know when they have won. He is a great guy, and she treats him like scum. I watched their show. The groupies are keeping close tabs and are waiting for her to blow it. She has a good man. It’s a lot of women and even some niggas that would love to take care of him and treat him like he is supposed to be treated. I’ll definitely take great care of him. Call me the clean up man.

    1. Count me in as one who would love coming home to him everyday and calling my husband.I’d treat him like the King he is.Some people will never appreciate what they have.

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