Beyonce Is One of the Vixens

CSLTWspUkAAxzlo“what if god was one of us?
just a slob like one of us?
just a stranger on the bus
trying to make his way home?…”

who would have thunk…
beyonce would have shown up for a random birthday party.
one that was for ciara,
of all people.
well russell wilson,
ciara’s baller wolf,
threw a marvel themed b-day party of ciara over the weekend.
beyonce showed up as storm and well…
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So Tyler Perry Pregnant or Nah?

tylerperrygirlfriendyou read right.
according to howling within the forests,
tyler perry allegedly revealed at his 45th birthday that he was with cub.
^the vixen,
model/philanthropist gelila bekele,
next to him is allegedly the baby mama.
well i’m sure he needs to groom someone to take over the “madea” legacy.
congrats if true tp!

lowkey: did he also put a ring on that vixen’s finger?
or will she be just “the baby mama”?
did he actually skeet inside her?
or was this turkey basted?
i also wonder what his stan base will think?
don’t the church folks frown upon this kind of thing?
as you can tell,
i have a lot of questions.

Is Keyshia Cole About To Be Back On Her Bullsh!t?

over?so remember when i said something about keyshia cole,
when her and booby’s show was on,
and she decided to clap back on twitter?

i said something about her not being interested in him.
some shit that was obvious to all of us.
well i guess i was right because judging from mouth to ears and these two’s social medias…

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DeShawn Stevenson Has A Big Cake… Oh, and it was his birthday too.


Something about Deshawn Stevenson turns me on.
He isn’t the FINEST Wolf… but there is something about it.
Maybe, because he is bow legged.
Maybe because he has some low key cakeage.
Or, maybe he just looks like he knows how to tear your shit right OPEN.
Yeah, so the LAST part for me.
I have low key wanted to let him beat since he played for the Wizards.
Well, he had a birthday party recently and my lust-rush came rushing back…

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