So Tyler Perry Pregnant or Nah?

tylerperrygirlfriendyou read right.
according to howling within the forests,
tyler perry allegedly revealed at his 45th birthday that he was with cub.
^the vixen,
model/philanthropist gelila bekele,
next to him is allegedly the baby mama.
well i’m sure he needs to groom someone to take over the “madea” legacy.
congrats if true tp!

lowkey: did he also put a ring on that vixen’s finger?
or will she be just “the baby mama”?
did he actually skeet inside her?
or was this turkey basted?
i also wonder what his stan base will think?
don’t the church folks frown upon this kind of thing?
as you can tell,
i have a lot of questions.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “So Tyler Perry Pregnant or Nah?”

  1. Damn, Tyler, never knew you had it in you – says no one.

    I’m no body language expert, but there is a major disconnect between them in that pic. Her smile is forced, and Tyler can’t wait to get away from her. We all know what’s going on here.

  2. “The church” will have something negative to say at first, but at the end of the day they’ll say, “well at least he ain’t with no man…” #stupidity #hypocrisy

  3. Clay Aiken has a son who he co parents with his female friend.He is still gayer than a unicorn covered in glitter.Tyler has stated he will be a father but doesnt want to be a husband.

  4. They might have an arrangement. She gets taken care of for the rest of her life to be a carrier. Sn: That dude hands are giant……I wonder was there sex involved or a turkey baser

  5. This is def a beard situation. This same woman was revealed to have been going with another man like a year or so ago. He was also very rich and to some, he looked very sweet.;) People were speculating that she was also a beard for the other guy. He posted on his instagram that she was his new boo thing and then set his ig to private when it was spreading that she was also Tyler’s girlfriend. I think this other man was Arab or something. He wasn’t black but def a man of color. I just assumed her Tyler had called it quits until now. Me thinks she is a professional beard. Didn’t you guys say Nicole Murphy might be one as well. Tyler needs to protect that rep with the Christian ladies cause Lord knows they’d have a fit if they realized they made a gay man rich.

  6. Congratulations. Children are a gift from God. He’s to be congratulated on receiving his gift. She’s to be congratulated on getting a gift that will last at least 18 years. She won’t have to work another day in here life. But isn’t that what friendship is about?–Mutual Benefits!

  7. Fella’s hold tight to your girls, there a pussy hound on the loose and his name is Tyler Perry, you can look at him and tell he makes vagina’s moist when he walks into the room. Me and his 10 million female fans knew he liked coochie and those Gay rumors were started by some jealous haters. Go Tyler Go you da man son, Congrats on Lil’ Tyler Jr. I cant wait to pick up Jet magazine and see the baby shower Oprah is giving you. Finally some good news.

    1. Probably so Lurker. My issue with Tyler Perry is this. Why try and force the public to believe something you are not? This man has millions and he is respected by the public. No one really cares about his sexuality, but when you try to hide it is where people have the problem. I just think it’s to the point where he doesn’t want to give the people the satisfaction. For years, he has been under the microscope in regards to his sexuality, and coming out and revealing it to the world might make him feel as if the people won, and I totally understand that. Whether masculine or feminine, all of us have had someone speculate about us at some point. I definitely have in the past. Someone is going to figure it out. I’m sure it’s people on my campus who speculate my sexuality, even though I don’t have any rumors here. It wouldn’t surprise me on bit. I’m very attractive and I’m likable and there is no way that I’m going to keep my sexuality a secret from everyone with those characteristics. People are watching who you date, who your friends are, and try to find out what you do when no one is watching, which may surprise people. Someone told me this years ago, but what you do when no one is watching is who you really are and that is your identity, whether you own it or not, and this is why I give people labels. If you secretly beat your meat to gay porn, you at least have gay tendencies. That’s just my take on it.

      I feel bad for Tyler and always have. Yea we gossip, crack jokes and shit about people, but I feel bad for people in these positions. However, situations like this just shed light on the pressures people are under to portray themselves a certain way to appeal to the public. Megan Good is on instagram explaining the actions she did with her husband, which were totally appropriate for people who are married, whether she is the wife of a pastor or not. People acting as if they don’t suck dick, eat pussy and all that stuff, just stop it. I hate people who try to find something wrong in everything. What is this world coming to? You can’t please anyone nowadays.

      Queen Latifah could care less, and I beleive Tyler should do the same.

  8. I don’t think Tyler is doing this to cover up his sexuality…Tyler never said he wanted a wife or is looking for a woman..i believe his sexuality is something that his entire audience knows just like we knew about Queen Latifah, Wanda Sykes. Luther Vandross, etc…I just think Tyler wants a kid and that he’s going to live his life and still be who he is…i just don’t think it’s anyone’s responsibility to put their sexuality on a platform when they’re a celebrity…i think too often now people (especially gay people) want everyone to make this grand stand about their sexuality but honestly no one needs to know.Not every gay person is trying to become a social figure for being a gay celeb, because once you come out that’s all everyone focuses on your’s no one’s business Tyler’s from the old school where your personal life (whether you’re gay, str8 or bi) is your business and that’s how i was raised too. Even to this day my close friends and family knows but when i go out to places people don’t know. If they asked me i’d probably tell them the truth but i feel our generation doesn’t know how to use discretion, we disclose EVERYTHING, this is the TMI generation lol… but Good for Tyler someone needs to be here to inherit those millions of dollars that he’s earned….i think Tyler is BI in my life i’ve come across quite a few men who weren’t necessarily the most masculine men in the box who loved both women and’d be surprised i’m telling you…you can’t tell all of a person’s sexual preferences simply by how they look..hell some of these feminine men are slinging more dick than your masculine top brothas on the corner…don’t just a book by it’s cover foxhole ;-0

    1. Nah, dude. He IS trying to cover up his sexuality. See the interview he did with S2S mag about his fake relationship:

      I have no problem with TP being gay. I do have a problem with how he trolls Black, Christian women aka his fan base.

      I also have a problem with how he depicts gay men. According to his movies, plays and TV shows, gay black men are lying, HIV spreading, whore mongers. The best way to get back at your DL husband is to have a sissy jump out of a birthday cake in front of all of his coworkers (See Why did I get Married TOO).

      The only gay character in a Tyler Perry production with redeemable quality is Jeffrey on the Haves & Have Nots. Too bad he was first written as a booty bandit uncontrollably lusting after Wyatt.

  9. I feel like y’all are forgetting that Tyler’s raise to fame is that the theme in all of his movies is that, “God can fix everything”. Christians (Mostly Southern Christians) made Tyler Perry wealthy. If he were to “come out” as gay, a lot of his fans would stop supporting him. (Probably all of his black fans, we be like that sometimes.) I can understand why he would want to his it IF he is gay. Honestly, I do not care. That Boondocks episode is still funny af tho.

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