Top Shelf Wolf: David Wilson

tumblr_nbt592yCzI1qk5j8to1_1280former baller wolf for my new yawk giants,
david wilson,
is what you would call….
he can dress,
his body is ODee crazy,
and he has tons of stamina.
who doesn’t love that in a wolf?
well david is currently dating a gorgeous vixen,
but that doesn’t mean i can’t talk about him…

giphyi want my future “baller wolf” to have alla ^that going on.
since david hurt his neck and spine,
he will sadly never play football again.
what i love is that he hasn’t let that hold him back.
other baller wolves would go into a deep depression.
not d.
he is out here doing back flips with #nofuckstogive.
david will be also be going back to old school,
virginia tech,
where he will be practicing for the triple jump at the 2016 olympic games.
isn’t that inspiring?
well good luck on your future endeavors d.
oh and keep your shirt off while you are at it.

x read more about david’s new career plan here

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “Top Shelf Wolf: David Wilson”

  1. Why did God have to make Black men so beautiful. I have to face the fact that I will never get over my addiction to them. I guess I will live as a functioning addict. No 12 steps for me though, I am going to sample every single one until this addiction runs it course. 🙂

    Man this dude is nice. Good Luck in 2016, I will be wishing you well, as I lust I mean look at you in HDTV in those spandex running shorts.

  2. there’s nothing better than a chocolate brotha with sex appeal and charisma and spirit to keep going even after hearing news like that..i salute him..KING

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