Top Shelf Wolf: Zaviar Gooden

bildedo you see zaviar gooden’s arms?
oh and BTW:
he is a line backer for the tennessee titans.,
 texas born,
and also was a pre baller wolf at the same school as michael sam.
just not a “micheal sam”.
if you know what i mean.
well when i saw these pictures on my tumblr...
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Top Shelf Wolf: David Wilson

tumblr_nbt592yCzI1qk5j8to1_1280former baller wolf for my new yawk giants,
david wilson,
is what you would call….
he can dress,
his body is ODee crazy,
and he has tons of stamina.
who doesn’t love that in a wolf?
well david is currently dating a gorgeous vixen,
but that doesn’t mean i can’t talk about him…
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