It Can Start With The Pre Baller Wolf

tumblr_nbvewxGeZb1r78dgto1_1280college is the place to meet the people you will bring into your future.
it is the perfect place to network with those who could change your life.
college is also the place where dudes explore their curiosity.
i have messed with one or two college wolves…
and i wasn’t even in college.
more than likely,
you will have a few classes with pre baller wolves.
my absolute favorite.
those same pre baller wolves maybe curious about foxhole.
your foxhole.
my foxhole.
i’m sure the next question is…

“how do i meet him?”

well i have been speaking to a fox who messes with a pre baller wolf.
he revealed one way you can meet one…

most pre baller wolves aren’t that smart.

50900-Ellen-Page-shrug-gif-Tb30you don’t really have to be when you play with balls.
coaches will do whatever it takes to pass their star players.
if the pre baller wolf isn’t involved in a scheme,
the best way you can meet a pre baller wolf is the tutor route.
this will require you to not be a slacker.
when you become a tutor,
and you actually get to “do” a baller wolf,
you will be with him for a couple hours a day.
this is when you need to ask him questions in between studying.
the key is to lower his defenses by becoming his friend.
you don’t need to chill with him,
but you do need to be someone he can trust.
if the pre-baller wolf is completely straight,
don’t you dare turn down a friendship.
you don’t know who he knows.
he does have teammates and friends.
if you sense that the pre-baller wolf is curious,
then he should try the “late night studying” route.
this is when you strike.
tumblr_nc0az1rJpM1si245xo1_400turn him into someone he messes around with on the low.
you can also practice your skills on him.
i don’t know about you,
but nothing is better than suckin’ the kids out of a pre baller wolf.

tumblr_nbrjp54dvg1r78dgto3_1280the only downside is he will be d/l.
he will probably have his fair share of new pussy.
old pussy.
fat pussy.
ratchet pussy.
you get the idea…
you shouldn’t be jealous.
this is the issue most foxes make when they meet a wolf in college.
they mess with the star pre baller wolf and get upset he is fuckin’ other people.
it’s college baby.
you should also be meeting and messing with other wolves.
if you got into his emotions like a good fox should,
he will always cum back to you.
he trusts you.
he knows you aren’t his end all and be all.
you are pretty much the shit when he is jealous that you don’t give a fuck.
pre baller wolves are use to vixens throwing themselves at him.
you don’t.

once he can trust you from college,
he will take you with him in the pros.
many foxes have been upgraded once he went from “pre” to “baller”.
where you think some of these “assistants” or “stylists” come from?
once you learn to keep your emotions in check and be the smart fox,
you will always be successful with the pre baller wolves.
don’t fuck it up.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “It Can Start With The Pre Baller Wolf”

  1. 😎 This is a mess, but so true. I went to a HBCU and I messed around with a track star. I also used to wonder how this fem dude always was able to freely hang around certain football players. They are the most curious and freaky 😛

    1. ^he was able to gain their trust,
      keep their trust,
      and strike when he saw fit.
      these jackals like to out.
      you don’t know who know who that could upgrade your life.

  2. Damn why wasnt the foxhole around when I was in college, I could have learned so much. I use to be crazy about this dude who was a football player who went on to play with the Atlanta Falcons. I was so damn naive and scared of being outed in college that I wouldnt dare make a move. I had no idea at that time that athletes got down like they do, I was well out of college before I discovered the freak fest. Two different dudes who I went to college with both told me tales of the athletes they messed around with, and one of the athletes use to always be so friendly to me, I would have never guessed he got down like that. Damn I really missed out. I wish I could go back and do a do over LOL!

    Now my homies who went to HBCU’s are the ones with the stories. OMG, these dudes were getting it in big time, and they told me that football players were the easiest to have because they are naturally freaky. Damn at least back in the day, these dudes who messed around on the low, didnt have the fear of their freakfest being leaked on the internet or their pictures. Everybody had a good time and kept their mouth shut. Im past 30 now so I guess my fantasy of having a hot romance with a closet pro football player is out the window now, so I will just keep coming to the foxhole to enjoy all the pre-baller and new NFL meat and dream on what could have been 🙂

  3. In all honesty, I myself have never been really interested in athletes for some reason. When I first started college, I knew a good amount of football players, but never saw one that I liked. Y’all already know I don’t like athletes that much and I’m reserved. Tutoring is definitely the route to go for anyone who wants to meet one tho. I tutored a couple, but helping them with their work was so frustrating that I couldn’t even think of anything else, let alone sex. Shit, tutoring them is a headache man, especially when I explained it to them and they cannot comprehend what I’m saying, and I have to end up doing it for them. SMH. Football players are the dumbest dudes on a campus man lol. Most of them are all the same. I prefer the regular guys, less stressful and I can be more low-key with them, which is a plus for a low-key person like me.

    I had my college fun, going to parties and hanging out with people my first year, but now that is over. I’m anti-social now, no new friends lol. I only talk to friends I already had, people from classes who I pretty much see everyday lol, my roommates, and maybe a few shorties every now and then but that’s it. My days mostly consist of going to class, studying, and sleeping lol. I’m over the college scene, and some of my friends I came in with are too. Dudes be checking me out n shit on the low, but I pay them no mind anymore. Is that bad thing? I’m waist deep in my major and my work load is tough. I’m just ready to get that degree and get some paper lol.

    1. They’re not as dumb as you think. They use people to get what they want/need. They use girls for the ass/pussy. They use guys for the ass/dick. They use the brainiacs to get them through classes/school.
      I was asked to tutor a baseball player for a literature class when I was in college. He wasn’t as dumb as he portrayed himself to be. He was a very obnoxious kid, but as we got to know one another, I found him to be interesting, yet sad. His family was counting on him to make it to MLB. Never mind that he was a mediocre ball player, and a “C” student. He was under immense pressure. But as I said before, he wasn’t as dumb as he portrayed himself to be because he slipped up one time and demonstrated that he knew some of the material, and I got really pissed at him. Up to that point I had been re-writing his papers in order for him to get a passing grade. He apologized, but from that point on, everything he did…he did himself. He ended up getting a “B+” in the class. He thanked me at the end of the year. We kept in touch for about a year afterwards, and then we stopped communicating. I know that he never made it to the big leagues, but I would like to know what happened to him.

      1. A few of them might be smart, but all of them aren’t pretending to be dumb. I know some that get D’s and F’s. You can’t fake that lol.

      2. These “dumb” dudes often are smart enough to use what they have to get what they want. They use their bodies to have much sex with men and women. People give them sex, money, drugs, etc. To bad athletic prowess and youth doesn’t last a lifetime. All too often, they are pushed aside for the “Next Big Thing”.

  4. Can we talk about Tyler Perry having a baby? You read that right. He shot some woman’s club up and planted his seed lol.

  5. I can agree, J! This shit is true…crazy but true. Experienced this in HighSchool, College, and the military….The coaches know what’s up a lot of times. Sometimes they’re in on it low-key. I’m an athlete, sex drive high so Athletes are easy prospects. I’ve been on BOTH sides of that coin. Lol both parties gotta keep those feelings in check or it’s a lost cause.

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