It Can Start With The Pre Baller Wolf

tumblr_nbvewxGeZb1r78dgto1_1280college is the place to meet the people you will bring into your future.
it is the perfect place to network with those who could change your life.
college is also the place where dudes explore their curiosity.
i have messed with one or two college wolves…
and i wasn’t even in college.
more than likely,
you will have a few classes with pre baller wolves.
my absolute favorite.
those same pre baller wolves maybe curious about foxhole.
your foxhole.
my foxhole.
i’m sure the next question is…

“how do i meet him?”

well i have been speaking to a fox who messes with a pre baller wolf.
he revealed one way you can meet one…
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You Should Write This Pre-Baller Wolf’s Paper (He Is Beggin!)

tumblr_n2uociImtQ1r78dgto4_250tumblr_n2uociImtQ1r78dgto5_250lawd knows i love me a baller wolf.
lord knows i do.
its no secret when they are pre baller wolves in college,
they usually get special privileges especially when it comes to classes.
i’m sure a majority have gotten by due to their talent.
why work when the nerd or gay guy can do it for em?
well mary willingham,
a student advisor at unc at chapel hill,
went rogue and is exposing the college for passing illiterate athletes.
she claims some of them take “paper classes”,
where they aren’t required to attend and one paper is graded per semester.
well this paper that was written by a pre-baller footballer wolf,
one from a semester’s worth of work,
she produced from a dossier that got an “a-“

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