In The Land of Shiny Happy People, I Guess I’m The Bum?

tumblr_ljgecsIxjr1qza0fjo1_500i have a question...
and i don’t know how it will come off
i thought i’d ask…

have you ever felt like everyone is passing you by?
like you have worked so hard,
or working so hard,
and it seems you aren’t moving any farther?
or do you feel like all your enemies,
or people that have done you wrong,
are going places but you?
its not jealously or envy.
its confusion and wonder.
i was talkin to someone from my past today and they brought up this wolf i use to know.
i wanted him so bad,
but he knew that and treated me like gum on the bottom of his shoe.
well he just got a great position at his job.
which means he is making serious money now.
today i cant even afford to buy juice.
rent is in a few days and my budget is on lock.
this cannot be my life.
why am i always the one who has all this “talent”,
all of this “work ethic”,
the “looks” and “the style”,
but i’m still at the bottom?
am i doing something wrong?
why can’t i catch a break?
not trying to bring the day down.
just feeling some kind of way.
like i want to cry,
i wont allow myself too,
so i’ll pray instead.
i couldn’t help but wonder…
why is it when you’re down,
and i mean dooooowwwwwnnnnnnnn…

Everyone looks like shiny happy people?

lowkey: i found a ( x song meaning ) of shiny happy people from r.e.m interesting:

“I think I remember reading somewhere that R.E.M did this as a kind of rebellion to or to counter-act churned-out poppy crap (so, ironically obviously.) This song was a way of portraying this false happiness and the fake highs that people experience, almost as if it’s not okay or normal to have a day where you’re not a shiny happy person. I could be wrong, but since reading that, it does come across that way. Even the video suggests it: behind the scenes there’s this hard working person, slugging it out, despite all the colour and dancing going on in the front. The lyrics, “Everyone around, love them, love them. Put it in your hands, take it, take it. There’s no time to cry”, really stand out like a cry for help – It’s like, ‘We must keep everyone happy and we must love them and keep this facade going, there’s no time to cry we should just always all be happy.’ Any takers?”


Author: jamari fox

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18 thoughts on “In The Land of Shiny Happy People, I Guess I’m The Bum?”

  1. It’s just the cycle of depression.

    Always casting yourself as the bad guy and everyone else is somehow the hero or winner and you end up ultimately as the loser.

    Keep breathing. It will pass.

    Yeah that guy has that new promotion, but just maybe he hates his fucking job, like seriously wishes he was doing something, anything, else but can’t complain because he doesn’t want to seem ungrateful or has to many financial responsibilities to walk away or his has to keep up appearances. Know way too many rich people who wish they could have their sanity, some peace, or a sense of normalcy.

    Don’t give in to outside appearances. Smiling faces tell lies and hide them as well.

    Stop comparing yourself to others; different background and circumstances, if you must compare then let it between your yesterdays and today.

    If you just did one thing towards your goal(s) or dream(s) a day than you are farther along then most people who remain stuck in situations that they absolutely hate.

    Also keep your pity party under three minutes (a day) and then focus on something positive and get moving.

      1. Once you become positive about your situation changing more than negative that is when things will change. It is amazing how perspective changes everything

    1. I like that iceed…….I’m reminded of IyanLa Vanzant who had highs and lows and now she’s back to the highs……life is very tricky…..I’m happy for all my peeps that’s succeeding but what seem to be isn’t always is. It’s Just a illusion.

  2. Check this out.., I know just how you feel. I’m smart, handsome, have a career that I’ve been in for years, I’m friendly, funny, and pretty cool.. At least I think so. But I’m also single, it seems like I’m always moving, starting over, I never have enough money, and life in general usually sucks for me… I often want what I see others with, the life, the cars, clothes, family, big house, all that jazz… But someone told me long ago, that I’m the perfect me. And there’s some one out there that loves all those imperfections. Sometimes the grass looks greener on the other side, but it could be fertilized with SHIT! I say all this to say everyone has issues, no matter how great it looks on the outside, all that glitters definitely isn’t gold. You’re young, and full of hope and promise, your options are endless, if you could get out of your head long enough, to look at the bigger picture, and see all the amazing things that you are and that you do do, there’s a possibility that you will be able to bask in the same light that you give to others. ““Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. “Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. “- Marianne Williamson

  3. Your preaching to the choir Jamari. I see the bitches who made fun of me in school doing sooo good and I’m sitting hear and I just put my last 20 to put in my tank and pray I make it to pay day. I just keep telling myself that I’ll come up one day and when I do they’ll be saying I look soooo good.

  4. Your time will come Jamari. I hope you get back on your feet real soon tho man, I truly do. I’m tired of reading about you feeling sad all the time, you have been feeling like this for way too long. Things have to change. After next month, the holidays are gonna be near, and it’s going to be time to be happy.

    When are you supposed to hear from your friend about the job?

      1. If u don’t hear from her by tomorrow, give her a call. Ask her what she thought of ur resume, does she have any ideas about making ur resume more appealing to the jobs she’s trying to fill…she should give u tips to help u

  5. As long as you keep doing the right thing and keep praying, things are bound to change. You are talented and you have a gift that no one else has, it is your destiny to be great and to do great things not just for yourself, for others as well. You are inspiring someone right now and you will be blessed for it. Hard work and determination pays off so keep your head up and keep grinding. You will get to where you want to be.


  6. I scan through this blog periodically and the writer always seems to be having some type of meltdown, cyberstalking some guy, reblogging what he considers messy or outing somebody but by participating in it you are doing just as much damage as the person who initially caused the shitstorm. You ever think about that? you come off as bitter and very much jaded about other people’s lifestyles, not only that you claim to be this masculine guy in some posts yet you always jawwing like a female. You claim how good-looking you are then stop hiding and post a pic I’ve come across your type many times in this lifestyle and you are one the ones we keep a close eye on, because you constantly try and secretly through shade and be messy. I say if you arent part of the solution you are part of the problem!!!

    1. Maybe it’s how we view people and put people on pedestals in life- ‘ballers’- but it is the unsung heroes and the one deemed “ugly” who keep society turning and spreading the love.

    2. ^well you know what hov?

      you assumed I’m this highly emotional,
      deep throatin honey buns in front my computer,
      rat faced drama queen…
      then so be it.
      who am i to argue with you pa?
      thank you for periodically checking my blog and even forming your own opinion of me!
      some people don’t even get 2 minutes of attention lol

      funny enough,
      everything he described of me is out here landing these ballers.
      so he did a reverse compliment?

    3. It’s always some uppity faggot who thinks they know all. I got busy so I don’t comment as much but I do read every day. Jamari does nothing but bring good content and open himself up to the world and someone without a website and copying someone else (Hov) has the most to say. SMH but you still checking in regularly. Shut cho bitch ass up and take that catty shit to Myvidster.

    4. All of that was bullshit Hov, but the claiming you look good thing got me the most. Post a pic? Really? In a world where people can steal pics and blackmail people, not to mention being discriminated against. You must have lost your mind. I want to know what that had to do with what was posted? Not a damn thing.

      1. Its just my whole position on gossip and I was always told spreading gossip, rumors, negativity is just as bad as the person who started the whole story. Having been a victim of such myself Im always sensitive to whoever is being gossiped about its wrong. As far as him posting a picture hell he be posting everybody else picture with no shame, whats good for goose isnt good enough for the gander??

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