In His Arms I Trust (Cuddle With Me Baby)

tumblr_nf9iia57Kv1r26ww2o1_1280i would love to cuddle with a body like this.
fresh out the shower and shirtless in sweats.
wait a minute…
hold on…
insides exploding at this very moment.
some people say a body like this is to hard to cuddle with.
well i don’t know about anyone else,
but i love to cuddle.
i think i’ve cuddled once or twice.
it was always after sex tho.
does that count?
one was with a muscular thick wolf i was talkin’ too.
he wanted me to stay over his crib after he had his way with me.
i remember laying my head on his chest as he…
snored very loud
but it felt…

his body felt so fuckin’ good to lay on.
like for that moment,
i belonged to someone.
ever so often,
he would grab me and hug me throughout the night.
ever so often i had to slap him and tell him he was snoring…
either way i could get use to that.
not the snoring part tho.
myearesare people use to cuddling?
like legit pg-13 sleep over.
no sex.
no head.
just talking,
watch tv,
smoke a blunt,
and waiting to fall asleep in a his arms.
…or does cuddling always lead to sex?
sometimes i wish i could call a wolf over so we could cuddle.

…is that weird?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “In His Arms I Trust (Cuddle With Me Baby)”

  1. I like it at times, but I really can not sleep well with anyone close to me or sometimes in the bed. I hope that I can get use to it soon.

  2. Love me some cuddling, spooning, caressing. Someone just lying there like a bump on the log is a deal breaker. If the affection is good, I don’t have to smash everytime.

  3. You wrote “i belonged to someone”. And I hope that someday the feeling is mutual for you and in the not to distant future.

    Cuddling is cool. I’m in to attention and affection.

  4. lol i think i snore i’ve never had a guy spend the night…idk i just feel like cuddle benefits should be for my boo, or someone i’m feeling but i have cuddled before it feels good to have that contact but most guys when they cuddle or spoon with you they want to hit…it starts out with cuddling then next it’s ‘Yo Malcolm let me just taste that ass real quick” smh so i hope i find a man to cuddle with this season since it’s getting cold again

  5. I really wished I like cuddling. I hate it though. I get hot quick so all that arm wrapping around me and shit won’t fly, I’ll beat your ass in my sleep [because all my exes say I have either kicked the shit out of them or punched them in their sleep], and if he’s a snorer, there’s no way I can sleep.

  6. I fantasize about cuddling with a wolf every night. I’ve never cuddled before. If my cuddle buddy was that wolf in the pic, I wouldn’t be able to stay away from them nips. It’s funny you mention snoring. I was just talking to a mixed black/Dominican dude last month and he told me snoring turns him on. He wanted me to go to sleep on the phone so he could hear me snore. His kinks are his kinks but I don’t snore unless I’m sick and my nose is stopped up so he was shit out of luck. Needless to say I haven’t heard from him since. I thought we were getting somewhere because he seemed really into me, oh well.

  7. Damn, he swole. Yea, I’m with cuddling a Fox in my arms. Nothing wrong with that, it’s sexy actually.

  8. Finally! I thought I thought I was the only one. I would love to cuddle to the wolf I’m talking to but he’s not really affectionate like that (unless I’m giving him brain :/ ) I need to find a cuddle buddy preferably someone with the face of the face of idris and the body of the pic above

  9. Is it weird? Hell nawl. I cuddle with my friends all the time. Its actually kinda cool to have that kind of connection with someone that loves you fur-REAL. But I gotta say when I cuddle with “the others” it always leads to sex

  10. You’re not strange Jamari. I like to cuddle too, but not after sex. More like when I’m watching a movie or TV show. But I’m strange in that there are some times I don’t want to cuddle or be touched at all. LOL

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