You Gotta Give Me Some Credit For Putting Up With The BS

Mountain+Range+and+Old+Fence+WaLp+TWit has been OD busy as my job.
sometimes i be feelin’ like cinder-fella.
i have a ton of work that needs to be done by next week.
of course,
since they think i’m good at what i do,
i’m getting the bulk of it.
today had its bad and its good moments to be honest,
bad being i wanted to walk the fuck out,
but god threw me a blessing that sat my ass down…

so i had about 9 different things i had to do at once.
243kndxi was getting frustrated.
i had these overwhelming feelings of being doomed there.
liar liar has been at this job for like 5 years.
she is pretty much stuck.
i don’t even think she even cares.
why would she?
my boss give her the “babying” special,
she is getting in house married pipe,
and she is now a supervisor making over 20/hour.
me now,
i come on this job and forced to take a major pay cut.
my last job i was making 18/h.
they snatched all my shit back 15/h at this job.
tumblr_lo53jrSc711qb9pa3o1_500i was supposed to get a raise,
but due to “budget cuts”,
we are all in limbo.
well expect liar liar that is.

honestly i felt over it.
i was looking back at how excited i was when i got the job,
when i first started working with my old boss; how happy i was.
now i’m miserable,
keep to myself,
and struggling to pay bills.
i get them paid,
but i barely have any money left to really do anything.

as i sat there,
i got an alert on my phone.
it was an email from my credit card company.
i owe a sweet 200.
i figured they were hitting me up with more bs.
it said:


…why come i got a 3,000 credit raise from 300 dollars?!

tumblr_n30c83av1A1sc0at9o1_500no really…
i  had to check to see if i went mad and was highly delusional.

i only had the card for like 6 months,
but since i’ve been paying off my card on time,
they decided to bless the fox with responsibility.
i’ll raise my shopping budget to 250 or so.
i had to look back and say I’ve definitely come a long way.
when i tried to get credit cards before,
i got denied with the quickness.
it made me happy to know that i’m well on my way.
i am responsible AF and got dreams beyond that job.
that alone deserves the “cinder-fella” credit upgrade:
tumblr_mxezcvizyg1s841j5o1_500this job is definitely just a pit stop.
i’ll be where i need to be soon enough.
the only issues i want to be dealing with is “mo money” and “mo problems”:


Author: jamari fox

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13 thoughts on “You Gotta Give Me Some Credit For Putting Up With The BS”

    1. ^yeah because that new wolf is not like me.
      he is very slow and makes a ton of mistakes.
      i often have to correct his shit.
      people have waited for me to come back from lunch just so they could deal with me…
      its wearing me out to be honest.

  1. I’m proud of you payiying your credit card off like that I wish I could say the same but I’ve been having problems doing It…….guess I’ll sigh up for some op time at work sigh

  2. Funny that you post a Cinderella because Disney is creating a live-action Cinderella movie. But damn $18/h? Oh that was some good money, but 15 is still pretty good tho cause remember others are just making $8/h

    1. I was thinking the same thing about the wages but you have to remember he’s in New York. I’m not sure how far that goes.

      Back to topic, I need me a good Cinderella Story myself.

  3. I love and admire how you keep pushing and walk alone and work your ass off, even when you feel like throwing it to the wind. Such an amazing person.

  4. Jamari, again I’m not in the “Amen Choir” for you. Do not raise your spending budget to $250. Instead pay off your credit card bill and then use it only to pay for things when you can pay the entire balance the very next credit card bill. That way, you will have excellent credit and you will not pay a mint in credit card interest.

  5. Congratulations, Jamari, on the credit limit increase, but please do not increase your spending! Despite your talent in your job, you are on thin ice. Your boss has accused you of having attitude and has promoted liar liar, your enemy, over you. If you get fired, you don’t need additional and larger bills to have to pay. You’ve said the people there don’t like; you don’t need to impress them with fancy outfits. Only use the additional limit on that card for emergencies. Wait until you land that new job. You may want to add some things at that time.

    And, keep looking to get out of there. I remember you said someone’s assistant likes you; however, when ish hits the fan, management circles the wagons. Also, if the new wolf is making mistakes, let his supervisor correct them. Not to sound cruel, but if you get him up to speed, they can dump you. Remember, you are in a war zone. I want you to win!

    1. ^thanks OH.

      I 100% agree with you.
      i also don’t be helping the new help.
      as long as he slow on his work,
      they come to me and talk about him behind his back.
      I’m just biding my time,
      doing my job,
      and leaving as soon as it’s time to go.
      I don’t trust ANYONE in my department.
      a good fox knows to observe and when to strike.

      Thanks everyone for all the comments from the last 2 entries as well!

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