In His Arms I Trust (Cuddle With Me Baby)

tumblr_nf9iia57Kv1r26ww2o1_1280i would love to cuddle with a body like this.
fresh out the shower and shirtless in sweats.
wait a minute…
hold on…
insides exploding at this very moment.
some people say a body like this is to hard to cuddle with.
well i don’t know about anyone else,
but i love to cuddle.
i think i’ve cuddled once or twice.
it was always after sex tho.
does that count?
one was with a muscular thick wolf i was talkin’ too.
he wanted me to stay over his crib after he had his way with me.
i remember laying my head on his chest as he…
snored very loud
but it felt…
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Snowed In Thought.

Would would you say….
If I said I was thinking….

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