I’m Not Your Favorite and You Prove It Daily

tumblr_m829h6uo3x1rntg4bo1_500you won’t always be the “people’s choice”.
you’re black,
and no doubt good looking.
you probably know how to dress.
you’re smart.
kinda quiet.
some people don’t know how to figure you out.
you can do everything in your power to play “nice”.
bake cookies,
rescue a cat from a tree,
or stop a missile headed straight to the us with the help of superman…
it won’t mean shit!
some people will simply just not stand your ass.
well that is unless you are “the favorite”.
the life for “the favorite” is fantastic.
so i had to wonder,
in order to stop conflict and keep the peace

Should we all strive to become “the favorite”?…

my boss and i got into it heavy today.

shaking_head_breaking_badi tried yawl.
i so so so so tried.
i mean we were going at it in her office.
look i’m a nice person,
but i can only take about so much.
i almost thought i would have been fired this morning.
i was talking back and being just as sarcastic as she was.
i was fed the fuck up.
i realize that since i’m not her favorite,
we will continue to have beef.
the worst part is?
she believes everything liar liar says about me.
i had to ask myself does this bitch fact check?
or she just goes on the word of a liar i had to expose to her face?
i also see that the new wolf is positioning himself to be in her good graces.
that explains why he gets to come in late and take days off,
but when i do it,
i’m ignored and my emails are just “read”.
hence the little spat we had today.

tumblr_lk6et6D9FV1qa7uoro1_500work or even with your family,
when you aren’t “the favorite”,
life can pretty much suck donkey balls.
people will more than likely blacklist your entire life.
you will be forced to watch others get treated fairly.
you will become “the enemy”.
so people will more than likely believe everything that is said about you.
sucks don’t it?

after that major blow up,
i sat at my desk and tried to cool down.
i didn’t even feel worried.
it wasn’t my finest hour,
but at least i spoke up for myself.
if she fired me,
i had to ask if i would care?
i suffered last year on unemployment,
but i’m completely over being the enemy for these assholes.
tumblr_m6qtllbbB81qa2atko1_500throughout the day,
i would stop and look at everyone in my department.
why am i the enemy here?
i am a good person,
and i came in as a team player,
but what did i do to deserve this?
liar liar started shit with me first.
she is the one who tried to ruin my reputation first.
i defended myself and here we are.
maybe if i would have shut up and kissed ass,
i would be getting special privileges in my department.
they all wack AF anyway.
at least i’m not the enemy with the assistants.
my old boss.
the “vogues/vanity fairs/gqs/essence/and social media” clients.
the ones who come over to me and bring free magazines and goodies.
they know the deal.
i’m “the favorite” in that side of the world.
in life we’re not always going to the people’s choice.
sometimes just being “you” is a bad idea to other people.
people with no reason than just what they “heard” or their own insecurities.
so i had to wonder…

How do you handle being “the enemy”?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “I’m Not Your Favorite and You Prove It Daily”

  1. It really is hard to be calm & maintain. Not me. You get what you put out. Period. Fuck the “just say yes” and oblige type bullshit. Respect me, I respect you.

    1. ^i tried b.
      i really tried.
      but i went clean off.
      i just wasn’t having the disrespect and the lies.
      my mind was on “fuck this bitch” mode.
      she didn’t even want to come out her office her the rest of the day.

  2. But I’m glad you finally stood up for yourself. I think you’re not likable at your job because do you remember when you said you stay true to who you are and don’t try to be anyone else? Well some people have a problem with that, people like followers, not leaders.

      1. And that another problem with you. The fact that you think those people care whether you’re a good person or not. They’re not looking for a nice person, they’re looking for someone to kiss their assholes.

  3. You did what many in your office are scared to do…you spoke up for yourself and you did it with the BOSS. I have one co-worker that says the same thing that I do…wrong is wrong, no matter who is doing it. If the boss is wrong…call them on it. Long as you have the t’s crossed and the i’s dotted, you have no problem!

  4. That Boss lady is fucking retarded. I know a woman like that. She was allowing another woman under her to fuck with people’s money. Last year around this time, all the workers were planning to use their money for Thanksgiving but couldn’t because that stupid bitch purposely sabotaged their checks so they wouldn’t come in on time. She wanted them to spend it on something for Christmas, not Thanksgiving. After every single worker turned the fuck up on her, she gave in but didn’t get any punishment from the head Boss lady. According to my friend, she’s extremely naive.

    Some people just aren’t meant for positions of power.

  5. Sucks that you had lil blowup, but I’m sort of glad you got some of it off your chest. Stay strong and trust that when you do live that place, you will be sorely missed.

  6. Hey J, so feel your pain. I have come to realize that people are not going to like you when you carrying yourself like you are somebody. People are threaten by your presence and that my friend is why you are going to always have problems with simple basic people. I hold my head up high and carry myself like I am worthy of respect. I always smile and I’m always cordial, but let me tell you, its a few evil ass people in my department cant not stand me. Mind you they don’t even really know me but I guess my presence intimidates them. They are no where in my league and I don’t spend any time worrying or thinking about their tired asses or their tired lives. Liar Liar has achieved all that she will ever do in life and she sees you as a threat, so she has a little bit power over you and she will use it to make herself feel better and try to block you from achieving success. You have to treat them all like you have a million dollars in the bank and they don’t phase you, stand your ground against these bitches, being nice is for the birds. You have your documentation. I am in the process myself of looking for a new gig, I just updated my resume on yesterday. My time is up, I was happy and grateful to get this job but its consuming my whole life making me miserable AF and I got to get away. I have come to far in life to be getting up being unhappy and miserable everyday. Than leads to stress, sickness and disease. I never understood why people come to work to take all their insecurities, and misery out on you when they are in charge. If you don’t own the company, you can be replaced just like me, so I don’t know why people treat others so bad for somebody who could give 2 shits about them. You will have the last laugh against Liar Liar because when she falls she will have no where to land like you will. They can never take your JOY because they didnt give you that, you know you are a Bad MF and they know it too. Keep believing in yourself Bro, its gonna be sweet when success does come your way so you can look back and laugh at all the haters like Liar Liar.

    1. ^thanks tajan.
      those words were very kind.
      it’s sad this is my situation,
      but it’s making me a stronger person who knows my value.
      this job,
      even tho it’s a mess,
      It has taught me so much.
      i officially ran out of fucks.
      you are also right about the diseases.
      these people that are so nasty at these jobs will kill you if you aren’t careful.

      i will not make that my life story.
      so in full Chris brown voice:


  7. I’m sorry Jamari that happened. You don’t deserve that at all and you work so hard at that hell hole. I pray a better opportunity comes your way.

  8. Sorry I’m late to this. But damn that sucks. But she has had it coming for awhile there is only so far you can push someone and she finally went too far over the edge. It’s always a good think to stand up for yourself don’t worry with the way you check proof you’ll be fine these hoes can’t get you.

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