I’m Not Your Favorite and You Prove It Daily

tumblr_m829h6uo3x1rntg4bo1_500you won’t always be the “people’s choice”.
you’re black,
and no doubt good looking.
you probably know how to dress.
you’re smart.
kinda quiet.
some people don’t know how to figure you out.
you can do everything in your power to play “nice”.
bake cookies,
rescue a cat from a tree,
or stop a missile headed straight to the us with the help of superman…
it won’t mean shit!
some people will simply just not stand your ass.
well that is unless you are “the favorite”.
the life for “the favorite” is fantastic.
so i had to wonder,
in order to stop conflict and keep the peace

Should we all strive to become “the favorite”?…

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