How To Watch Death and Injustice in Good Ol’ HD

killingushuhwho wants to watch another “us” get killed!?
well don’t raise your hands that fast!
everyone meet the late eric garner from new yawk.
he was killed by cops as they tried to restrain him in a choke hold last summer.
lets look at the video!
(warning: graphic material)…

absolutely fuckin’ ridiculous.
i remember when the talk when that went down last summer.
well the cops who killed him were all declined indictment by a grand jury.
even THO we all witnessed it on video.
so this is another death of one of “us” that stinks of injustice.
someone on twitter said it for me:

tumblr_ng0xivAoeZ1ru9fhso1_1280 tumblr_ng0xivAoeZ1ru9fhso2_1280 tumblr_ng0xivAoeZ1ru9fhso5_1280 tumblr_ng0xivAoeZ1ru9fhso4_1280remember in “orange is the new black” when vee had that cute wolf killed?

cp4qktrinl55l9mpxbr3well thats the nypd in a nutshell.
you want to talk about selling your soul
they so corrupt out here its crazy.
i think america is trying to send “us” a message tho.
we really need to start listening.

lowkey: the justice department is currently investigating eric’s death.
cross your fingers?

( x read more about it here )

this is a beautiful thing tho:

¬†they said “fuck that tree lighting” LOL

3 thoughts on “How To Watch Death and Injustice in Good Ol’ HD

  1. It like we are finally waking up out of this deep coma in Black America, finally seeing that flossing in the latest designer gear on social media dont mean shit when your life is at risk simply for the color of your skin. Brother Shaun King is the truth, I dont even watch the news anymore, I rely on his reporting to tell the real deal. Its time that we all rise up and say enough is enough.

    1. ^the poor tourist would probably be on the next plane out.
      plus a lot of white people are out there too.
      it won’t pop off like that…
      i’m sure a few turnt up whites will be arrested tho.
      when they get a battery in their back…

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