I’ll Have Some Head With My 2 Piece and A Biscuit Please!

tumblr_nvenbtmwku1qz581wo1_1280now you know jamari fox has a ratchet side.
you know this.
i know this.
my inner werewolf begs to cum out to play often.
i will say that i am not common.
when it cums to sex in public,
i feel it should be done in a discreet manner.
well the foxhole had a problem with ( x this ) entry.
i’m sure you will have an issue with the following video.
a “couple”,
and i use that term very loosely,
decided to try something new at their local kfc.


check it out…

tumblr_static_ek0k9k2so6oss0o48808co0cc why did the other feel the need to pull his pants down also?
your bare bunz are on that nasty seat.
then again,
i doubt they care about catching anything,
i’m also confused why he walked out with his pants down as well?
was he hot?
did he need air?

here is another video a foxholer sent me with the same issue:

well okay…
there is like a new breed of exhibitionist being born.
the animals are all about their freakin’ outside activities.
if you likes it then i loves it.
i guess that’s where the prude in me comes in.

lowkey: how does one just walk up on you gettin’ it in…

…and you don’t even realize it?
i won’t lie,
but i do like to watch tho.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “I’ll Have Some Head With My 2 Piece and A Biscuit Please!”

  1. The first video was too risky and something I wouldn’t do, I would be too focus on eating 😝

    The fine af pineapple in the second video can get it. I mean I’m not even into cakes and I was impressed lol

    1. @mikey Most definitely, the second video has my attention. That ass was sum10 serious lol. Nutt all in it lol.

      1. He has a NICE ass…but if you look closely when he’s pulling up his underwear and pants and the person filming comes up on the side…you can catch a glimpse of a serious bulge (at around 00:24 – 00:25).

  2. The first video is of blupaige33 and dcboy 32 on Tumblr. The second one is of chino_blac, he just did a porn video with Mustang. Dunno about the last one.

  3. Hope y’all don’t mind me name dropping, but the guy in the second vid is on IG. His name is seyvn_street. That ass is beautiful tho!!!

    1. @ Jeff, I think we encourage/embrace this type of knowledge sharing here and don’t look down upon what u deem name dropping….thank you lol

      1. Yoo, I thought that was him, I told myself they couldn’t be the same people before I read your comment.

        On another note, I agree with JB: you usually don’t have to worry about drama like that in the foxhole. Some of us just want to see more of that body

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