Ryu Could “Hadoken” All Up In My Good Stuff

tumblr_m7mdnlfcb01qbvj8yo1_500-1i always knew i had a muscle fetish.
confession: when i was a cub,
i remember pausing a game of “street fighter” to get off to ryu.
his biceps and the way his chest peeked out that cloth number>>>
well when i saw the following pics,
i had to wonder if this was a real life fantasy of ryu…

…i wonder who i would play if we was role playing?


he is hot.
his bawdy is the definition of chiseled.
he could play “ryu” or a lowkey “ibuki” with that bandana.


either way,
i”ll allow it.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

19 thoughts on “Ryu Could “Hadoken” All Up In My Good Stuff”

  1. No judgment here when I was younger I had a thing for a lot of the men from X-Men. my favorites were gambit and cyclops

  2. I could deal with an Asian. Some of us fail to realize that the Asian culture puts out the small penis myths. There are some Asians that are urbanized and look good. You got any info on him?

    1. I know that small penis and no ass theory is bullshit! I’ve seen some Asians stacked in the front AND back!
      I saw an older, sexy daddy-type Indian the other day…and that man has a SERIOUS bulge.

    1. Thats why its so legendary. No other franchise in the fighter game genre comes close. Mortal Kombat made me fall in love with gaming.

  3. Lol @ the comments in here…but yeah, I’ll allow this also…and I’d buy my first ticket on the Orient Express………..
    …ok ok, I know: completely off-base, culturally insensitive, and offensive, I get it

  4. I really doesnt care much about Asian men, but every once in a while you see one and you go, goddamn. Goddamn, I want to play with his body. lol Mortal Kombat my ass.lol Another Asian that I would like to play with is Alex Mallari Jr. from the Syfy show Dark Matter. Damn, he fionne! lol

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