iSPY: The Hispanic Bunz On The Train

nzgfh32h1fiibwhsy5qzqdhgddcp-cm4jqlrfobeimoibsos5x-efnjnim0ssla-r7s_rz68xyylkcixk5z6a30fe4v6qwvplwict4h_zud-ylxawndzo_rp7u1hf41itnhogqgsi was late the other morning.
so i decided to go a train car closer to my stop’s exit.
as soon as the door opened up to my train,
i was met with the nicest bunz on a handsome hispanic wolf.
he was taller than me and looked like he was had a gym bag.
you could see his arms in his tight hoody.
the sweat pants he was wearing was so tight,
you could see the outline of each cheek.
i had to show the foxhole.
i tried to get video of the bunz in action but it was a no go.
the train was so packed i got this

bunz1…but when the train got to the next stop,
he came closer to let folks in and i smuggled this:

bunz2i wanted to get more,
but he sat down before i could.
i feel i’ll see him again and i’ll be ready.


9 thoughts on “iSPY: The Hispanic Bunz On The Train

  1. You’re a creepy stalker jamari… i love it!!! But i’ve learned to not trust those things because just like pipes, bunz in grey sweatpants often look bigger than they really are. Next time try to “palpate” it to see hhhhhh

  2. You’re a brave man, J!! I’d be too scared to pull some shyt like that…and I see many kats I’d like to take photos of.

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