iSPY: The Hispanic Bunz On The Train

nzgfh32h1fiibwhsy5qzqdhgddcp-cm4jqlrfobeimoibsos5x-efnjnim0ssla-r7s_rz68xyylkcixk5z6a30fe4v6qwvplwict4h_zud-ylxawndzo_rp7u1hf41itnhogqgsi was late the other morning.
so i decided to go a train car closer to my stop’s exit.
as soon as the door opened up to my train,
i was met with the nicest bunz on a handsome hispanic wolf.
he was taller than me and looked like he was had a gym bag.
you could see his arms in his tight hoody.
the sweat pants he was wearing was so tight,
you could see the outline of each cheek.
i had to show the foxhole.
i tried to get video of the bunz in action but it was a no go.
the train was so packed i got this
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The Princess and The Fuck Hispanic N*gga (Pineapple)

tumblr_static_largelast night at like close to 11pm-ish,
in the middle of a deep cleansing facial,
i was interrupted by the sounds of my phone going off.
a lot.
as much as i wanted it to be “11pm to 3am entertainment”,
it was actually my home vixen.
she wrote this to me…
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