I Want To Have an OUTING With U.


So it has been brought to my attention that some of my Foxes are fucking up.
Even my Wolves and Hybrids are slipping up too.
It is okay, I won’t go to hard on you.
But you have been doing some Jackal/Hyena shit and it low-key has been pissing me off.

So we are going to change this behavior NOW.

Sit down, take out a notepad, and write the following…


Read it and say it out loud.

I love my Vixen counterparts, but we need to stop letting them in our world so much.
It is bad enough that they think EVERY Fox, Wolf, or Hybrid acts the same.

They are used to the gay hairdresser or the super queeny best friend.
Someone who is saying, “yes hunnnnyyy” or “oooh gurlz you lookz fiercez”.
Also using words like “werk” or “yass bitch”.
I can’t…

I wish they would realize not all of us fit that role.
I wish they realized we can be masculine and just not into all that extra.
I also wish they would realize just because you get down doesn’t mean you are the spokesperson for the Rainbow movement.
And lastly, I wish they would realize you do NOT have to go to gay events to LOVE yourself.

Vixens are nosy.
They are also detectives (they can crack your passcode on a phone with no issue).

If you go online or even overhear them in a group setting, they are always trying to get the “business”.
So again:


You do not hear them asking who is a lesbian.
Yet, we share with them our brothers personal business in this lifestyle.
And you have to always ask, “why do they want to know?

They usually think the most feminine dude is on the “down low”.
Realistically, to be the term “down low” you literally should be like the chorus in the R. Kelly song.

And keep it on the down low
Nobody has to know
We can keep it on the down low
Nobody has to know

… but these Vixens always fuck it up every time with their “gaydar”.
Sometimes I want to slap them across their heads for being so stupid.
Since their man is usually the PRIME suspect in all of suspect behavior.

So, you will stop telling them our secrets.
Stop letting them in our worlds so deep.
Stop telling what Wolf they want to date you think is gay.


They should ALWAYS stay behind the ropes when it comes to this lifestyle.
And you should also keep your distance from their shit.
Because the game changes once they see a good-looking MASCULINE Wolf who happens to like Foxes…
…and is interested in you and NOT them.

That is when the HATE officially starts.
You been warned.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “I Want To Have an OUTING With U.”

  1. Amen Bro, I have a couple of good friends who are female, but under no circumstances do I ever discuss my personal business with them. I have never once admitted I get down,they may know,but they will never get a confirmation from me. These dudes dont realize that most female are jealous and talk bad about gay dudes behind their back because they are manless or the men they have cant dress, are flabby, and unattentive and flirt with every thing with a hole. These women are mostly miserable and cant understand why gay dudes are living so good and not caring, never caring too see the other side of the game. I always feel like they never really take your relationships serious anyway so why bother. Best advice you can give for 2012.

  2. The Oprah gif slayed me!! But yes, they super damn nosy!! And will be knee deep in your bizness if you allow it! They like to kick it with the foxes so they don’t get hoaxed, that’s it and that’s all!

  3. PREACH! You had me shouting at my laptop. Women have the worst gaydar ever.

    I steer clear of men who act as pets to a group of women or one popular woman.

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