“Toya Husband Got Some Good Meat On Him!”

As you know before,
I have featured Memphitz on IJF before.
You know I like a little chocolate in my diet.

Anyway, he dripped all the sexy married chocolate over the kover of Kontrol magazine…
You hungry?

He’s a married man. But that won’t stop us from looking. A&R guru Mickey “MempHitz” Wright is giving us a glimpse of what his wife, Toya Wright, gets to cuddle up to every night. Check out his sexy new cover for KONTROL magazine’s SHAPE Issue inside…

MempHitz was the VP of A&R at the now merged JIVE records (where he discovered Huey & his ex-girlfriend K. Michelle) and is the CEO of his own Do Work Enterprises. All while looking pretty damn good.

So KONTROL magazine tapped him as their cover subject (Aubrey O’Day is on the second cover) for their final issue of 2011, as the SHAPE issue is tailored to the idea of embracing the body.

The music executive is showing off his sexy abs as he dishes the inside scoop on his recent marriage to Antonia “Toya” Carter Wright, his career and his release from Jive Records. He also tells how he maintains his fitness and style and also how he balances life inside and outside of the music industry.

With a quick video:


That is all I’m saying…

8 thoughts on ““Toya Husband Got Some Good Meat On Him!”

  1. Ummm I’m with The Man and Jay. I dont find him attractive but I’m a smart and fox, I dont need him to be attractive to shower me and my den with gifts such as a Black Range Rover HSE and a nice allowance.. *checks account* Thank you M-Baby

  2. I think he’s attractive.
    More for his personality than his physical.
    I like the high cheekbones, the dark complexion, and the lips. But it’s his personality that’s the real winner. He’s goofy, grown man, and business oriented all wrapped into one.

    1. ^i swear I didn’t even notice the cheekbones LOL

      But I like his corniness.
      He comes off like a geek and geek can be sexy.
      Especially a dark chocolate one with nice arms and lips.

  3. Never watched the show on BET,,,Never would have heard of him but for blogs,,,Ill give it to him tho…Hes handsome. Beautiful complexion, nice face…Having said that…These are horrible pics. I refuse to believe the first one is of him.lol…Even the booty pic is blah….

  4. He’s not attractive to me, but he fits the bill of what gays go for. High cheek bones, texturized hair, a bunch of meaningless tattoos that look like they’ve been done by a 5 year old. These pics look like they were made for BGC.

    1. I thought I was the only one that didn’t find him attractive, I was jus waiting for someone to say it first.

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