i learned a few things with this whole megan thee stallion hate train

i’m not even gonna hold you but…

I learned a lot about some of the black community regarding Megan Thee Stallion and Tory Lanez

i learned that #protectblackwomen is a joke.
i learned that i don’t think people liked megan.
i learned that people thought tory was bigger than he is.
i learned that straight toxic black males are protected with excuses.
i learned black gays,
black trans,
black vixens,
and black kids don’t have the same protection.
it’s a sad state of affairs tbh.
the manosphere of incels has infiltrated the black straight community.
if the straight black male is getting a ton of pussy,
or even in a relationship,
he has a deep-rooted hatred for black vixens.
even with these pictures of the crime scene…

and megan crying in the back of the ambulance:

and this gem:

there are still people who will STILL not believe her.
the wild part is she was keeping her mouth shut to protect his black ass.
some black males think she deserved it for being “too sexual“.
some pick-mes will still defend tory lanez.
black she-jackals who should know better but are still delusional af.

I learned that if you don’t check certain boxes within the black community,
like sexuality or clout,
your abuser or killer will have support.
Even if you are respectable and they have receipts of their shenanigans.

i don’t think there is a “community” within the black community.
i think thats a joke.
i think we are all in separate corners fighting against each other.
we have enemies with platforms that work against us in the community.
they have like-minded support that goes unchecked and creates monsters.
monsters who will defend and uplift black trash.
if that was a white male who shot megan,
it would have been different and we know this.
it would give us an excuse to use hashtags and look trendy.

That whole case was pretty eye-opening.

i’m glad a few of us were able to see it.

lowkey: with johnny depp and amber heard,
you didn’t see other white males of power verbally taking sides.
did we see white celebrities being mouthy during the trial?
i felt many of them stop and waited for the context and the case to be over.
if i’m wrong,
please excuse my ignorance.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “i learned a few things with this whole megan thee stallion hate train”

  1. Tbh it feels like this community only really exists for the express purpose of uplifting, centering, protecting excusing, nurturing, and enabling Black men…straight cisgender Black men to be exact and anyone who isn’t one of those isn’t really important.

  2. I’ve had to block so many people on IG because of this case and almost all of them are black women.I blame a lot of the conspiracy theories and misinformation on blogs.The main culprit is Gossip in the City and its owner Fee.She didn’t even bother to post the audio of Tory and Kelsey conversation because it goes against her pro Tory narrative.I think his team paid off and/or leaked a lot of misinformation to the blogs.

    Anyway Megan will continue to prosper and hopefully Tory will be deported.

  3. Straight black men w money are never held accountable by the black ‘community’. Let it have been broke, basic Tory Jenkins from over on MLK Blvd that shot her, and everyone would’ve been calling for his head!

  4. Honestly we need to come to terms with the fact that this specific time period we’re living in is anti-everything that is right. I don’t know what mental issues people got going on but it’s gotten way out of hand.

    I was always on Megan’s side because who would lie about being shot? What would she have to gain from that. She’s also way more popular mainstream wise than this dude Tory. The way people have been going to bat for him you’d think he’d been giving us hit song after hit song. Not saying I or anyone would/should defend him just because he has hit songs. I’m just wondering where all this love for him is coming from.

    The only conclusion I gather is that it’s just the era we live. Everybody wanna turn every little thing into a us vs them, her vs him back & forth when a lot of this shit is an open & shut case.

  5. First, I think that we need to drop the whole “ Protect black woman” theme because it does a disservice to the issue which is we need to protect black bodies, we need to protect black people; that goes for black children, black women, and black men. In this country we have normalized the violence committed against black bodies. When you look at Megan, I’m glad she is getting the justice that she deserves but if we are to be honest Tory was becoming a menace to society who also assaulted August Alsina and left him bruised and bloody and he also assaulted Prince from Love & Hip Hop, two black men. The problem however, is that none of the victims saw enough value in themselves to press charges against Tory for their assaults. Prince reached a civil settlement, August didn’t do anything but show his injuries on social media and honestly Megan didn’t do anything either. In Megan’s situation it was the State of California that had to pursue charges.

    Again I’m glad Megan is getting some justice but she is not the hero/ heroine of the story. Let’s get real, I totally understand why she initially lied, she was dealing with the LAPD with guns drawn, one wrong move or comment and it could’ve been a completely different kind of tragedy. However it seems that once the smoke cleared and the situation had been deescalated, Megan was fine going along with the lie until Tory started running his mouth and harassing her. You also saw something similar with the Will Smith/ Chris Rock where Will assaulted Chris and Will was arrested and Will was not charged with a crime. We have to stop people being able to assault black bodies consequence free. This also goes for Blueface who not only is in a bi-directional domestic violence relationship with his girlfriend but is also always out in the streets fighting and is currently facing an attempted murder charge (lock him up). This goes for Da Baby , who not only killed a black man in Walmart ( and allegedly made it go away on some hood shit) but is also out here assaulting woman, men, and the elderly ( lock him up)

    If we circle back around to the whole “ protect black women” thing, I think its also interesting how no one is having any smoke for black women. Black women were not out here supporting Megan like that. Where was Nikki or Cardi, Lotto, the city girls etc. even if you would argue that they are too close to the ground then what about the old G women in hip hop like Queen Latifah, Mc Lyte, Lil Kim, Missy etc or take it out of music where were the Oprah’s. Where is the smoke for Kelsey who almost caught a perjury charge on the stand. Also like Y Colette stated earlier it was a lot of the woman who were promoting the conspiracy theories and seemed more interested in who was sleeping with who in order to push more content on there gossip sites. I don’t have any problem with bringing the smoke to black men when necessary but also have that same energy for black women too.

    1. My mistake I was saying Will Smith was not arrested and he was not charged with a crime.

  6. Glad that leprechaun is going to jail this case was so simple look at the facts. Unfortunately this case reminded me again that a large portion of our ppl are dumb as hell similar to R Kelly situation Til this day some of our ppl don’t give af what he did and still support him they say it was a scheme yt ppl set up to get his catalog – which they already own. You can’t make this up I canceled every single person who attacked this girl same with Kyrie Irving & Ye backlash don’t get mad just cancel that ass

  7. After all I saw and read, I’m Team MeganTheeStallion all the way. All. The. Way. No matter what all of Tory’s stans say, justice was served in this case, and misogynoir, in the form of that troll Tory Lanez, will be off the streets for a while.

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