i did figure out one mystery in glass onion (the knives out sequel) tho

karaoke told me to watch knives out when i went to visit her.
even before that,
she watched it and said it was excellent.

I watched it over the weekend and was INTO it heavy

the killer was obvious but i was high af.
i was expecting a twist but the killer was in plain sight.
glass onion,
the sequel to knives out on netflix,
came out recently and i decided to watch that today

…and again,
many folks figured out who was the killer but I missed it.

i was VERY confused but to my excuse,
i didn’t care for it.

Or maybe I did?

it’s one of those types of movies that leaves you undecided.

Sidebar: Is it me or does Kate Hudson resemble J.Lo in the face?
They have the same face shape and features to me.
I was NOT high and always felt this.

now i did like the detective,
beniot blanc,
was gay.

I figured that mystery out quickly.

i mean,
he’s in his tub and some random male is answering the door.
one who looked like he is in full blown house-husband mode.
this scene helped me with my decision too:

Did anyone else feel it was just “okay”?
Did you pick up on the underlying context of the movie?

i’m seeing a ton of breakdowns that have me stun-locked.

lowkey: i loved his wardrobe in this movie.
i wants.

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3 thoughts on “i did figure out one mystery in glass onion (the knives out sequel) tho”

  1. I DEFINITELY felt ambivalent. I really enjoyed Knives Out and was looking to the Glass Onion. But meh. I may look for some movie breakdowns

    1. ^i was like oh wow!
      i clearly missed all this LMAO

      i think i was too busy trying to figure out the killer but the breakdowns about rick white people are pretty good.

  2. OMG !!!!! I thought ” I” was the only person who thought JLo and Kate Hudson look alike!!!

    I am an Artist and see things and faces distinctly and clearly!! (Smile)

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