when people say ya’ll look alike but ya’ll are actually siblings

i dunno about ya’ll but i don’t wanna date a wolf who looks like me.
you can tell a real narc mofo who’s dating their legit clone.
imagine you are one of those mofos tho…

Are you meet a male that kind of resembles you,
you fall for him,
ya’ll set up shop,
and then you find out that it’s your brother?

well after 10 years of marriage,
this couple just found out they’re actually siblings

what do you do next?

Do you get a divorce?
Do you tell your kids they’re all actually related?
Do you blink twice and hope this disappears?

or do you stay together and roll with the punches?

this is what happens when our parents don’t tell us the truth.
when dads drop their sperm in every hole.
mama giving babies up for adoption or on the steps of the firehouse.
many of us may have brothers and sisters we don’t know about.
this is what ends up happening.

6 thoughts on “when people say ya’ll look alike but ya’ll are actually siblings

  1. First off, you look exactly like me, that’s a flag. Who are your parents? Were you adopted? Let’s take a DNA test just to be safe cause you look so much like me. This is some straight up Jerry Springer shit without the script. I take that back, this some straight up 90’s Ricki Lake shit. Their kids are now their son/nephew and/or daughter/niece! They can’t stay married or that would literally become an incest situation once you realized you now know you are fucking your sister!

  2. I like a variety but I have dated someone who had a lot of similarities with me, I didn’t mind it. And I am far from a narcissist. He and I are still friends.

  3. Personally I think that someone dating somone who looks like them is weird. That and it just screams infinite narcissism and vanity. I do feel bad for the people involved in this story though. Literal horror movie. I thought these storylines only existed on medical dramas. Very disturbing to see this actually happening to someone.

  4. I’ve never liked it for one thing I’m not tall so majority of my love interests have been taller just because the average man is taller than I am

    I also like men who are my complimentary opposite. I love to see couples where one man is darker with rounder features and the other has keen features and lighter skin. When I see people who are both light skinned in a relationship I tend to think they’re colorist.
    Brazilian couples tend to do this well. They love all colors of the melanin rainbow in harmony. Americans and Caribbean Hispanics appear to restrict themselves to a tribe when dating.

    Have similar interests, sure but twin brothers in the gym with the same body measurements is a form of narcissism I’m convinced

    1. Well put my brother. None of the men that I have had relationships with could be mistaken for my Brother or Cousin.

      I actually like a variety of “Black” men.

      I don’t want to judge so I won’t comment here online how ” Creepy… oh..uhmm..er I mean ” Interesting” guys who date their doppelanger are to me.

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