i just wanted to do hoodrat shit with my friends (90)

whew the…
i’ll finish the rest in a sec…
so this is one of the many reasons i don’t “do” crowds nowadays.
MAGA is out of control in these vengeful forests.
the type of nonsense in this following video.
as the tweet claims,
this happened at a mcdonalds during a recent howard homecoming

let me finish…

the wonderful part?
the crime was recorded so they simply gotta add names to the faces.
just making life easier for the hunters,

lowkey: i’d hate to have to clean that up.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “i just wanted to do hoodrat shit with my friends (90)”

  1. Smdh! I’m embarrassed for anyone to even see this! And they wonder why we all get lumped into the same category. A damn shame!

  2. Watching this is like turning into on documentary on Discovery Channel about a bunch of baboons during mating season.

    McDonald’s is trash food anyways but aside from that…

    How did this incident spark? I’ve worked fast food a long time ago at an airport and I’ve done customer service at department stores and I know customers can be hella disrespectful….and I’m not talking about the white ones. I’ve had my “own skin” curse at me, throw money on the table at me and try to belittle my intelligence because I was behind a register….and I was even stalked by a jail released pervert that tried to sexually assault me at work.

    Two things are wrong with this video: One, this is pretty darn embarrassing. I dont group myself with these types of Blacks (and yes, I did go there).Those Blacks keeping up all that in the video are…they are wild things with a black covering. They put a lot of innocent folks in danger because they want to act like unrefined creatures.

    Two: The guy that posted this video needs to be chastised. Further promoting such atrocities is just as bad. You know social media posts spread like wildfire. My friends used to always ask me why I separate myself from certain peoples.

    I guess when the world gets over the color facade, you just see postive vibes and negative vibes.

    1. I like this post Jammy. My father used to always tell us, if you see your “friends” doing something foolish, you better walk the other way. Which is exactly what we would do. My friends would always say, why don’t you come with us we’re going to 7 Eleven to get some stuff. In my mind I know they don’t have money because at lunch time they’d ask to borrow money to get something from the snack stand or some fries. I knew what they were going to do, so I’d say nah I’m good.

      It’s sad to see blacks carrying on like this. People will see this and all blacks will get lumped into that category. Many of them are nothing but opportunists and were there to take part in the mayhem because they get to destroy something and act the fool…along with everyone else. When you get people to share videos like this, it only gives other dumb asses in other areas, the idea to do the same. That’s being a part of the problem, not helping to solve/prevent it.

      And yes, our own can be just as disrespectful as a white person. But if you come at me rude, I’m gonna cut your legs off from underneath you, color be damned. Lol

  3. Barely anyone in there trying to stop it. Just a bunch of fools holding their phones up like a bunch of mindless zombies. Legit disturbing how many people are slaves to technology that when fucked up shit is happening the first instinctual reaction is to pull out your phone to record instead of leaving or attempting to help. Humanity needs to do better. Bruh, our ancestors would never…

  4. I think my video is off or not showing everything. I just se Nee Nee opening her car door hollaring “The ghetto”, closing with a bus pulling up. Help me out.

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