another grand opening; grand closing at a past job

“this is like the 4th job you’ve had where this has happened.”

my home vixen said this to me on the phone.
she was right.
well it’s probably been the 5th,
but whose counting.
an iconic phrase from “the color purple” rings true in my life:

so i got a text just now from a co worker from the last job.
the one where they wouldn’t hire me,
but were interviewing snow vixens in front of me.
well guess what?…

The fired the snow vixen they hired

she allegedly hated working there.
i loved it.
i don’t know what was wrong with her.
they didn’t train her either.
luckily for me,
i was trained and did an amazing job.
their hunger for white skin and blonde hair was their downfall.
my response:

the universe be looking out for me.
every time i think i’m replaced with someone “better”,
i learn that no replacement could ever be me.
that isn’t trying to be cocky,
but it’s the truth.
all the other jobs that did me wrong haven’t prospered either.
they’ve become revolving doors or shut the department down.
i work my ass off and folks try to play me each time.
now look…


do better.

lowkey: if they call me to fill in until they find someone else,
 i would.
that check was lovely.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “another grand opening; grand closing at a past job”

  1. Do I think all white people are racist? no, but are most of them prejudice? yes!!! Companies will take a shitty white employee over an exceptional black employee any day. I just turned down an interview for a company I applied for weeks ago. They were scanning my website the first day I applied, and they knew that I was black. They decided to reach out to me weeks later probably because the other white candidates didn’t work out. Nope! I’m gonna pass. Don’t stress that shit Jamari because companies like that never flourish. Racism and prejudice is why this country is in it’s current state.

      1. It depends. If you really need the money, take it until something better comes along. Me personally, my dignity means more to me than anything, so I would tell them to kiss my black ass. White people put their ego and upholding white supremacy above all else, so always put yourself first when dealing with them.

  2. I grea up in a very competitive family, my siblings competed for my moms attention. She was very stoic. I was the good quiet kid who didn’t need anything but waited patiently for attention while my siblings got negative attention. That feels good for a while but isn’t true ownership of confidence, skills, experience. Fast forward a few decades, I cared for my mom when she was dying of breast cancer in every way physically, mentally, spiritually. My remaining sibling/brother did very little and its his loss. I own the confidence I gained during that challenge. Its kinda like seeing the donut and not the hole

  3. Step in graciously do your job better than before, ( it that is possible) Make Your Paper and go home. End of story. Jamari You know what time it is! You do what is best for you..

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