I Give A Shit About YOU YOU YOU.


Have you ever wondered why YOU have the problems YOU are have?
All of the arguing and the drama; broken relationships and lonely nights.
Well, as much fun as blaming others,
Maybe you need to simply blame YOURSELF.

YOU have to take a look in the mirror and ask yourself:


Aren’t you tired of playing the victim?

As a Fox, I know things get hard.
Trust me, I know.
But, I am over the sadness and the hurt.
I am also over blaming others for things that I may have did wrong.
Somethings, not all as I am pretty much perfect 😉 lol.
But, lately as my self confidence has been rising to higher heights,
I have been having fantasies of kicking any issues I have had in the balls.

…and I know you do too.
I can sense it through the comments you leave.
You have been dealing with shit and you have been struggling.
Trust me, I been there.

Well I am here to tell you that it is almost over.
If you felt that tingle in your cheeks or that heat in your stomach
(that isn’t associated with heart burn lol).

So I need you to do this important exercise this weekend.
I need you to look at everything situation you have been in,
the ones that resulted in a bad end,
and ask yourself:


Then I want you to look at other situations and ask yourself what else did you contribute into it.
I want you to write it down and study it.
In the end, you will recognize your flaws and weaknesses to grow into a better man.
If you have been flawless with every execution then you are well on your way.
But, we all have done things where when we look at the end and see something we could have handled slightly different.
And maybe, we owe someone else an apology.
This is after YOU apologize to YOURSELF first.

So go forward my Foxes and make a difference within yourself.
Your future depends on it.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

3 thoughts on “I Give A Shit About YOU YOU YOU.”

  1. Damn this is so hard, but since reading this blog I have had such a different perspective about alot of things and I see that at times I am my number 1 enemy trying to be perfect and not letting the world see my flaws. I see that at times I put so much pressure on myself trying to reach unrealistic goals, this year has been one of growth and self reflection and much of the shit I have seen, I do not like, and change is hard, but I am going to keep trying to be better.

    As I have shared before, I have done a body transformation this year, and sometimes I have to look at myself twice because I cant believe Im the same person. I feel more confident but at the same time, Im still scared to approach the Hot Boyz Im attractive too, and I downplay the attention one may show me at times because my mental state has not caught up to my new physique. I also feel a little hate from old friends who are mad that you dont wanna join them in excessive eating and drinking and hearing comments that “oh you think you all of that now” Damn why are people not happy when you do something positive.

    One thing that keeps me going is that the people who you think got blessed with good looks and lucky breaks and all the swagg and attention are just like you with flaws and jacked up situations in their life. I have to remember that everyday you wake up you are blessed and have a chance to do something for others and yourself. Its gonna take hard work for me to get to the level I want, but those who are given it too easy wont be ready and their light is gonna burn out real fast.

    For the new year I hope that I get my mental state in a place to really believe that I deserve a loving relationship with another dude and can get past all the hangups of the past from the rejection and hurt. This forum has help me move in a good direction but alas there is still alot of work to be done.

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