I Found Your 13,000 Dollars and All You Give Me Is… 60 Bucks?

i’m all for being a positive role model for the youngins,
but this story was rather ridiculous.
a cleaning service worker in a florida airport found an ipad and 13k in cash.
he does the right thing, but…
Is the “doing the right thing” really worth it?…

Patrick Morgan was working an early shift at the airport last month when he came across the iPad that had been left behind at a bar in one of the terminals. When he opened the case, he spotted the big wad of cash.

“I opened it first and I see the money and I closed it back,” he said.

Morgan, of Patrick’s Cleaning Service which works for Sunshine Cleaning Systems Inc., immediately turned in the iPad and cash to the airport communications center and Broward Sheriff’s Office substation.

Minutes later, the owner, who had returned from a trip to Las Vegas, came back to the bar and Morgan told him where he could find the money and iPad.

The iPad owner gave Morgan a $60 reward, which Morgan passed on to a homeless woman.

At Wednesday’s ceremony, the Broward County Aviation Department honored Morgan for his honesty and hard work, and Sunshine Cleaning awarded him $625, which is equal to one week paid vacation. He says he’ll keep it.


can i be honest?
that reward was cheap.
if that worker did not find that ipad and money,
someone else would have spent that money in a super walmart,
while looking for the sale items on the walmart app.
(be careful in stealing apple products because they can track the device)
i do appreciate the man’s honesty in turning it in.
some people would have looked for cameras and took it.
i guess dooing good did get him paid more at work.

Do you think the reward money that was given is a generous amount?

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13 thoughts on “I Found Your 13,000 Dollars and All You Give Me Is… 60 Bucks?”

  1. The worker got something else coming to him. Should been at least 10% of the amount found, treat it like a bail bond.

    Owners better be careful when they state there is a reward for a lost/stolen item, you can be sued if you don’t pay up. Looking at you Ryan.

    Royalties will be nonexistent after all the expenses.

    1. ^i totally agree.

      i would have given him at least 3 thousand.
      this man found my iPad (worth at least 300 to 800 depending on memory)
      And my 13,000….

      he deserved more.

      1. Ditch the TrackingPad and keep the money. I would have paid off some student loans with money orders and gave the rest to the foodbanks.

        What kinda person leaves $13,000 in a bag with an IPad?

  2. Well he will get I bigger reward not now but later in life. Personally I just found a dollar on the floor at my job ….. I don’t struck gold lol

  3. It’s obvious that the man who lost the money is a cheap selfish dumbass b/c he definitely should have given that man more than $60. The man could have just kept the items and made an easy $14,000 which is equivalent to 22 weeks of pay for this man. Whatever good karma is headed toward Patrick Morgan’s way. They say that lower or middle income people are more likely to give someone money than a rich person is.

  4. See that is why you have to help yourself like I would have done. Shit, I probably would have took all of it. Yup I sure would. Don’t judge me lol.

  5. He found $13,000 PLUS an iPad, just sitting in an airport. Turned it over to the airport, and the owner only gives him $60 as a reward. I know Spike Lee gone kill me but let me finish. Honestly I would not be doing the right thing for $60. Even if that is roughly one day’s pay minimum wage in Florida.

    When you consider that he makes $625 a week, $125 a day(40h/w), and about $15.62 an hour. Essentially you paid him 4 hours for what he coulda kept and lived off of for about 21 weeks. And you would have been up the creek without a paddle, in the hole for close to $14,000. He deserved more.

    1. Most employee’s would not have turned it in. That’s why he deserves a big reward. I don’t think that’s a policy on any job. At least I don’t think so.

      1. My point is, he did what he should have done. I don’t believe in rewarding people for being a decent human being.

        How sad our society has come that we feel obligated to praise acceptable behavior.

  6. We all are angry with the stingy owner of ipad, but let’s look this way. He is noticed by this, everybody appraises him, he is happy, will be proud all of his life. And we found one good thing together, the honesty, and our love of his deed (doesn’t matter if we can do the same or not), this same value we all have, this is the priceless. (not the ad).
    I translated a short paragraph and put on my facebook (in Burmese). Believe it or not, I got 118 share and 437 likes in 3 days from people across the globe.

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