I Can’t Fuck Anymore!!!!!!

disclaimer: not me.

you haven’t been out in a while.
fuck it!
you put on your best outfit and head out to a lounge.
it’s pretty gay friendly.
you sit at the bar and scope the scene.
you see him.
he sees you.
after some smooth eye fuckin,
you invite him over to talk.
you decided after a good hour,
that you are ready for some fuckin.
we are men, right?
this is what we are suppose to do.
they say.
you go back to his spot and ya’ll both rock each others worlds.
tumblr_ljoscafwnp1qep1veo1_1280after the clean up,
you say “bye”.
couple months later,
you are just sick for no reason.
you find out you have meningitis.
what do you do?…

now i don’t know if you know that that is,
but it’s a disease that infects your brain and spinal cord.
you can get it from a kiss,
or sharing a cup.
all you need to do is pretty much be around an infected person.
it is fatal and left untreated,
it can kill you.

he was mr. big shot career man.
well, acted like it.
he had a ton of “friends” due to what he was bringing to the table.
more like users.
he was also running wild in the lifestyle.
at all the clubs,
on the chat sites,
and meeting people within his career.
allegedly because of what he was carrying:

tumblr_m7nw5cb2s31rbb8r7o1_500ima keep it real.
is that okay with ya’ll?
all prudes head to the exit.
yesterday i was catching up with a friend and mentioned him.
dude has meningitis.
meningitis has also made him completely deaf.
he didn’t go to the doctor soon enough to get it treated.
he can’t work anymore.
career is over.
friends left him high and dry.
he’s now looking into wearing a hearing aid.

it’s like that.
as he knows ,
is over.
be careful everyone.
everyone needs a damn background check nowadays.

x learn more about meningitis

lowkey: can we not enjoy a good freak session without wondering?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

2 thoughts on “I Can’t Fuck Anymore!!!!!!”

  1. SEX – No go for 2013

    Touch – STDs , Meningitis
    Kiss – STD, Meningitis
    Oral – STD (Chlamydia, Syphilis, Herpes, possible HIV) etc
    ACTUAL Sex – ALL STDS + Death

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