How To Make Your Ex Vomit: The Tyga Chronicles

Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 12.22.15 PMtyga ain’t thinkin’ bout youuuuuuuuu…
his last vixen he had.
the young one.
part of the kkk with the big lips.
uh huh.
well allegedly,
they broke up and tyga moved on fast.
check the new alleged vixen in his life.
everyone meet demi rose mawby


she is sexxxxxxxxxxxyyyyyy.
she goes out with him in her best “thottin’ n boppin” threads.
this one doesn’t have a penis right?
i’m just asking!
you know he allegedly likes the “boobs and balls” combo too.
she looks like all vixen tho.
this is what the daily mail had to day:

Tyga and his new Kylie Jenner lookalike girlfriend are busy enjoying the celebrity scene in Cannes.

The rapper, 26, has quickly become close to British model Demi Rose, 21, and there’s no mystery as to why.

Demi stepped out in an ensemble right out of the Kardashian style book on Thursday night baring almost all of her cleavage and flaunting her ample derriere.

Demi poured her curves into a black body suit slashed to the navel and with a see-through fish net skirt.

The striking brunette  donned a pair of black stilettos and wore a large black scarf tied around her waist.

Tyga clearly wants to get the message across he has no intent of mourning the end of his long relationship with Kylie, 18, and has moved on from the teen reality star.

she doesn’t look like kylie,
does she?
here are some shots:


either way,
i’m impressed.
she really purty.
i’ve heard some things about her tho.
the forest dwellers are saying she is a escort.
she don’t love these johns!
she just love those benjimans.
either way,
she is a great prop to make the ex jealous.
i’ll allow it…
until the bill comes.


lowkey: imagine if he got with a real sexy black vixen?
i think the effect would have been better.

pictures credited: spread pictures
article taken: daily mail
peep more demi rose: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

22 thoughts on “How To Make Your Ex Vomit: The Tyga Chronicles”

  1. When I hear these little news websites saying stuff like that, I can’t help but think they can be paid off. Loses credibility for me.

    This girl doesn’t look like Kylie at all, the fuck. She looks like what Kylie was trying to be but couldn’t, she has sex appeal. She would have Kylie beat when she’s on her worst day 😁

      1. I was calling it another little news website because I thought it was highly unprofessional, immature, and rude of them to refer to the woman as a “Kylie Jenner lookalike”, as though she’s trying to copy the Kardashians.

        I expected more respect from a news website with so much credibility. They used almost the entire article trying to point out how she is copying Kylie.

  2. Publicity stunt.

    I honestly can’t even see Tyga in a vagina to be frank. He looks like a dude that would be in a gay club playing trade. I think he used Chyna to blow up his and then used Kylie.

    This girl makes Kylie look like a rag doll btw. Bad as shit! She doesn’t look into Tyga at all but she’s catching that light for the pictures! Lol

  3. She is 21? He likes grown women? I never would have thought. Tyga is irrelevant now that Kylie left him. He literally is like a crab in a barrel.

    1. ^yeah he maybe about done.
      i wonder if this was a mutual split?
      or was this an ended contract?
      they seem so nonchalant for two people who just broke up after being together for years…

      1. How they been together for years and she just turned 18. They weren t together when she was 15…

    1. Exactly Dignified….LOL…..She looks like she is a Tranny too. Too purirfect, too glossy, too packaged. But then Tyva is known to love those Trannies. Ah well, empty fucking barrels that all are.

  4. She’s using him until she finds a better dude for a come up. I wouldn’t be surprise if she has Kim and Amber aspirations

  5. Sorry to say but she’s just as basic as Kylie. She’s not ugly but nothing special either, just another girl with a good contour.

  6. I knew she looked familiar.

    Basically, she was part of a escort ring called Taz’s Angels. From what I’ve read about them, they mostly just party all the time while on snapchat and the have to share beds and clothes in a rented Miami mansion with no furniture while occasionally having with Taz the pimp.

    So basically her thottin around has opened doors.

    PS. This site is giving me viruses.

  7. Why is it when str8 couples go out, they look like they’re going to two different places? She’s a known whore, he’s an pedifile/opportunist/d-list rapper. His kardashian contract expired now he gotta make them ends meet. They’ll be on love and hip ho soon enough trust….

  8. since she seems to be an escort i think its more believable that she is being paid to appear with him than it is that shes actually into him. consider the girls he’s been with in the past when his career was actually on the rise and he wasn’t in mountains of debt. if he couldnt pull a girl like her then, i do not believe for one second he could pull one now. he’s probably blowing all of his kuwtk checks just to have her in photos with him so he doesnt seems so pathetic for being the former kept man of a child.

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