I Got Bodied by 25 Wolves and You’ll Listen To My Hoe Tale


nothing beats “hoe” tales from all sexes and orientations.
we live vicariously through hoes because:

a) they smash the animals we secretly desire
b) they are usually honest how it all went down
c) they are fearless and live by the motto “YOLO”

some straight wolves tend to exaggerate their stories tho.
unless they got videos and receipts
well what happens when you are a teenage vixen,
let 25 wolves run the train on you,
and did alla this in your school bathroom?
well it sounds like her life is about to get interesting.
this is what people had to say about it…

fort-myers-800Police are investigating a disturbing incident that happened in the bathroom of South Fort Myers High School in Lee County, Florida.

According to a police report, one female student had sex with multiple male students after school hours on Tuesday. Their principal, Melissa Layner, learned about the alleged activity on Wednesday morning and reported the incident to police.

The police report alleges that about 25 males were seen entering the bathroom after school, and that the girl “confirmed that she had sex with a number of willing males.” It is unclear how many of them actually had contact with the 15-year-old girl.

According to police, video of the alleged incident was spread around the school via Snapchat, the social media app that erases the videos after they are viewed.

The police took written statements from many of the male students, and confiscated a cell phone.

Despite the seriousness of the incident, a Lee County Police spokesperson tells PEOPLE that charges are “unlikely.” The girl and her mother are declining to press charges.

In a statement to parents, principal Layner said that the students’ conduct was atypical at the school.

“The incident this week should not be a reflection on our combined efforts, administration, students, and teachers, to keep our building and students secure and safe,” wrote Layner. “Our school is a safe place for student learning and after school activities.”

No staff members face disciplinary action for the incident. At least one student has already been disciplined, and the school continues to investigate the incident.

“I think parents understand that we cannot control the behaviors of every student, and when students enter campus, they are entering into a relationship with school administrators where they are expected to adhere to some norms and some rules,” Lee County Schools spokeswoman Amity Chandler told the News-Press. “And these students did not do that.”

….and then peep this news report about it:
…i can’t at that news story.
why is the school team ( x the wolf pack ) tho?

aside from this jokes and memes,
this is actually sad tho.
15 and you already got 25 bodies?
lord only knows how many before that…

tumblr_md5g9e6A1n1qbqb0jdeep down inside,
a hoe actually has a fucked up past behind them.
no one just wakes up and says:


…there is a story there.
there is a always story why hoes do what they do.
as much as i’m entertained by the hoes tales,
i’m always left wondering:

Is this it for you?

i hope that vixen truly enjoyed those dick downs.
she may have to start over somewhere else.
…unless she is a bold hoe with no fucks to give.

lowkey: it was smart to put the videos on snapchat.
you know your ratchet behavior only gets 24 hours.
too bad for them,
the animals had the videos all over other social media sites.
lucky for this vixen,
she can have her hoeness deleted.
ask draya!
article taken: people
video taken: instagram

24 thoughts on “I Got Bodied by 25 Wolves and You’ll Listen To My Hoe Tale

  1. This is sad to my morality. Like really? 25 boys at 15? That sounds like something out of one of those documentaries where they interview sex workers. And in the bathroom too? And your telling me ppl wouldn’t notice this shit? SMDH! While it is sad, if she really did make that choice herself at least they aren’t pressing charges b/c that would be all kinds of messed up if they tried something against these boys. Also I call bs on the school not taking discipline. They were performing sexual activity on school grounds which even after school is not allowed and would have to carry some consequences. Can you imagine getting that call from the school tho? Like what do you say to her? And how it must be for her to go back?

    And Jamari, while it might be smarter to have it on snapchat than a normal videos, make no mistake that snaps do not get deleted. It’s actually not complicated at all to find out how to save snaps or go back and see snaps from like a week ago. I have even heard ppl on the radio explain how you can go back and see someone’s snaps and warning ppl to be careful what you put out there.

    1. That’s true an acquaintance of mine saved some snap chat videos and sent them to me thru DM on IG back in January.I can still watch the videos today.The snap chat videos were made in September 2015 and I just watched them last week.

  2. Well damn. I have heard and witnessed some crazy shit that happens with high schoolers, but this takes the cake. She was getting a train ran on her. At least half of those dudes lost their virginity on that day lol. Her name should be Jessica Whitewhore.

  3. Please tell me that this is a fake news clip or satire. I was not ready, I have literally fell to the floor screaming. I just cant right now.

  4. This is very sad news, but that news clip had me gasping for air. I couldn’t stop laughing.

  5. I feel sorry for her.IMO no woman or girl with any self esteem would want to have sex on a filthy bathroom floor with a group of men.I wonder if she has been sexually abused as her girl and feels this is all she deserves,being used as a cum dump.I doubt this is the first time she has been used a human sex toy.As for the guys they probably have watched so much internet porn showing gangbangs they are desensitized.I feel sorry for all of them.
    BTW if she is a hoe than so are they, only a hoe would have sex with a hoe.Only trash would have sex with trash.

    1. ^ya know it’s funny,
      we as a society don’t call the male species on their hoish ways.

      “only a hoe will have sex with a hoe”

      is that really true?
      it can be argued that sex is just sex to some.
      if I had sex with a hoe,
      would that make me a tarnished animal?
      we all have a past.
      im playing devil’s advocate so no offense!

      1. Jamari and Y Colette I was just about to come back on here and post something similar after I did my laundry! lmao you beat me to it. But yeah to expand on that I find it interesting how for example in the video you see such a large backlash on the girl and her family and whatnot but who is slutshaming these 25 boys who went into that bathroom KNOWING what the hell they were doing and trying to get their dick wet? We live in such a stupid patriarchal society oh yeah of course its fine to point fingers at the girl and be all eww she a hoe and thats so nasty and whatnot. Lets as well look at the boys and their families and mention were they not taught to not engage in such behavior? Didnt they know how that would look coming home in their parents eyes? Whats the saddest part to come out of this is I know they got no slap on the hands or punishment for this situation nor is their reputation tarnished in even the slightest of ways. Life moves on and as boys and not men they sit wide-eyed thinking “Oh so thats it? I dont really get in trouble for anything? I can do this and its okay? And its not my fault but the girls fault and her devilish pussy that led me astray?” And then they GROW UP TO BE THE SAME FUCKBOYS WALKING AROUND THE STREETS NOW that most of the gay and straight community lust and crave after and thats what makes it somewhat funny in a dark way to me. Our society manufactures these kinds of men and then we talk so much shit about men like this but if one of em hit you up abs and arms glistening in the sun after the gym and you see that dick print your quick to run right behind him. STOP THIS SHIT while they are young so we can have men 3.0 and not stick to men 1.5 dial up edition. It becomes so bad some guys subconsciously are fucked and cannot be altered or given a new perspective and I shake my head. If that was my kid I would beat his ass left and right and say he knew better because in his GUT he knows its something I wouldnt be happy to learn about and the fact you hide it says so. So the “fuckboyism” isnt something your born with but learned. After he lost his soul to my fists I would reflect on myself and try different methods to have him understand women are goddesses and as such treat them that way even if she doesnt see that herself. But dont stoop down to that level where dogs lie. As for the girl Im sure she is receiving enough backlash and yes perhaps something in her past causes her to do such things and not feel anything off about it or maybe she feels it gives her power but lets be honest you know DAMN well aint none of these boys are gonna be best friends with you and want to talk to you as a person after that mess so dont kid yourself. If she wants to be that way though hey thats fine too sometimes there are people like that out here or crazier but damn girl at least wait till your 18 or with more mature men who will keep the fun in the bedroom not all over social media.

        1. ^love this comment derek!
          you are absolutely right.
          this behavior does spawn the fuckjacal culture.
          she will get a rep and they will be looked at like “the top males in the forest”.
          i wonder what would have happened if a wolf went and didn’t want to participate?
          im sure he would have been called all kinds of gay.

          it’s pathetic.

      2. If you know a person is a hoe or a slut or a piece of “trash” who will have sex with anybody with a dick.What does that say about you that you would have sex with that person who has no standards? I’m not talking about their past.I am talking about in this case knowing 5,10,20 guys have just penetrated a girl lying on a bathroom floor probably stained with urine and semen,possibly blood and you saying ,”My turn!” IMO you are no better than she is you have no standards.

        1. ^okay makes sense.
          i see your point.
          i thought you meant those who know someone is a hoe,
          and will try and smash because they know it’s an easy take down.

  6. Yeah, read this yesterday and was instantly sickened…unless there’s some extreme intervention on the Iyanla x 10 level, then that girl is – like my grandma would say – “ruint!”

    1. Okay, wait a min waaaait a min…I’m kinda late on this – jus peeped that video clip…okay, naw, this all has to be a hoax a fuckin story, lol, there ain’t no way that’s a legit news story, let alone broadcast on these here FCC censored networks…I couldn’t even see the uncensored version if this gettin with a major network like this esp re: the highly sensitive nature of these allegations *side eye till further notice*…however, if this does pass the smell test, then blahahaaaa, dat’s some funny shit right there…gutta ass genealogy

  7. This is sad to hear, i’m trying to understand how no teacher or faculty member saw 25 males going in and out of the bathroom on school property, even if it was after hours.

    She must have known that this was going to get out In some kind of way.

    1. As a teacher, I can tell you that many teachers that stay after school are normally catching up on paperwork or holding after school tutorials. Normally, teachers man the halls immediately after dismissal to direct students to their extracurricular activities and turorials. At our school, and announcement comes on at 3:45 (we get out.ay 3:15) that tells students that they should be with a coach or teacher at that time. The school police generally do I need more sweep to clear the halls and everyone get down to whatever task kept them after school

      The problem is those kids who know how to get around the system. They will go to one teacher for tutoring and when the coast is clear, they tell that teacher that they have to go to another student as well. Athletes will tell their coaches they are going to tutorials to stay eligible and sneak off. That’s at my relatively small campus, population 780. When you look at schools with 1400 or more students it is very easy for kids to get around unseen.

      1. … Yeah. We we use to get into ALL KINDS OF ISH after school. Like… nothing this bad, but we heard some stories.

  8. I was gonna saw that news clip was a little real lol and this is sad I haven’t bodied 25 dudes and I’m 28 I’m gonna assume this was a white girl and I hope it wasn’t no (KNEEGROS I know how to spell It lol) going in there because they would the only ones who get in trouble

    1. ^if it was a snow hoe,
      and she giving out free pussy samples,
      you know “the blacks” gonna be lined up first.
      sad to say,
      but some of us can’t turn down easy “don’t have to work for it” coochie.
      especially one from a snow hoe.

      i’m sure that was like christmas for those wolves.

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