Jonathan Gilberto Is My Kind of (Emotionally Blocked) Wolf

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 9.11.18 AMso you already know how i feel about jonathan gilberto.
don’t forget the “h”.
from a physical standpoint…

…he is exactly the prototype what i need.


and there is a nice big but,
why do i feel like jonathan is kinda…
his instagram kinda says it all.
he seems like he has been hurt and is now extremely guarded.
like i was reading the following and the statuses:

…and from someone on the outside,
who may want to get at him,
these make it seem like he will be real tough to deal with.
you trying to love and hold him down and he gonna be self sabotaging.
giphy copy 20again…
only what i pick up from what he posts on his instagram.
i dealt with alla that from a straight wolf last year.
i’m not trying to go down that road again.

jonathan represents many of “us” in these forests tho.
and tri.
animals in my life have even expressed the same.

mi says she can’t “love” and jumps in and out like double dutch
ww has admitted he does the animals who do him right all wrong

so we are out here putting out applications for someone,
but we are hoarding way too much baggage.
“emotionally blocked”,
as jonathan put it.
how can you receive love if you are blocking it?
this is why i’m working hard on myself.
i can’t be my best self:


…if i’m running in and out of relationships with issues.
the next doesn’t deserve the drama from the ex(es).
yes we been all hurt,
but we always gotta ask ourselves,
is it them…

…Or is it me?

you’ll be surprised how 98% of the time it’s “us”.
i’d still give jonathan a chance tho if he was one of “us”.
he is still “straight until proven gay”.
i’d lovvvvveeeeeeee to get my paws all over that…


…but he’d have to get his shit together first.

pictures credited: jonathan gilberto h.

28 thoughts on “Jonathan Gilberto Is My Kind of (Emotionally Blocked) Wolf

  1. Hey can I ask who the is jonanthan Gilberto? What he does do for living? I just saw his insta and got many followers and I donโ€™t understand when I saw his pic, very handsome. Is he an artist? Painter? Thanks

  2. “Knowing” him for a few years, it’s amazing to me how popular he is nowadays on social media. He used to talk to one of my friends. Didn’t last long. He’s a cool kid. Very gorgeous. Hung like a horse. So he gets labeled as the “total package” and judged before people know him.

  3. I wouldn’t touch him with a 10 foot pole unless he learns to deal with his demons like the rest of us instead of using that as an excuse to play the pity party and act like he has some right to have an attitude.

    We all have problems, learn to deal with it. I’m sorry, but you’re not special, and that sort of toxic attitude just isn’t attractive, and I’m not saying this to be mean, but I’ve been there, and learned quickly that no one actually gives a shit about someone who has a nasty attitude, regardless of your pain and experiences. NO ONE. The best thing you can do is learn to suck it up, learn from YOUR mistakes, and grow, and LET IT GO! DAMN! Too many grown people walking around claiming to be “jaded” because of some drama that happened to them in High school and they’re acting like it’s reality. Just grow up, let it go, and move ON and stop making other people suffer because of some random in the past. Stop with this “jaded” nonsense, you’re not jaded. You don’t know the world better than anyone else, so just stop. We live in first world countries, you have no idea of the things we take for granted every day and here you are complaining about “friends” hurting your feelings. This is not just directed at this guy but everyone in general. Ugh.

    It’s okay to have problems, like I said, we all do, maybe it’s our friends,maybe family, but it’s no excuse for an attitude. NONE. If he’s “not really like that” well, that doesn’t matter if he puts himself out there like that. That’s his problem. Get it together.

    I’m serious when I say: it doesn’t matter how attractive the guy is: it’s the outlook on life, personality, perspective, ambitions, philosophy, and all the other little things that’ll make or break him. Good looking people are a dime a dozen, but people who can look outside of their struggles,and not use it as an excuse are the rarities in life. Those are the people that interest me.

  4. Wow. He really went in on a rant. Him and his whole crew are family anyway, but that is not the topic here. That was a lot of ranting he was doing. You can really tell he has been betrayed a lot in the past. Well regardless of what the case may be, he is clearly not ready to date anyone.

  5. IMO this dude comes of phony and disingenuous. First of all, I have no doubt he is family after reading this. I am sure when the attention comes from someone he likes he has no problem from it, but of course when you are attractive you are going to get a lot of attention from the undesirables who you think are not worthy to be seen in your beautiful light. Just judging him from these post, I would say he was a douchebag. Typical pretty boy who is by himself and mad but never takes the time to see the missteps he took in his relationship with people, of course in these situations it is always someone else’s fault.

    Many times these dudes start to believe their own hype and think they are more than what they are and get upset when others do not hold them in the same league as they hold themselves. You can only get so many likes and compliments before even a self absorb individual has to realize that it dont mean $hit when you cant get someone to come over and take care of you when you are sick or when you need a ride somewhere because your car is stuck or any other number of supportive things that people who care about you will do. Personally I would not want this dude as a friend based on his rantings, I may be wrong about him if I actually got to know him, but from the looks of it, he does not want to get to know anyone.

    1. What’s up Jamari, I’ve been lurking for a while but I had to respond. This is going to be kind of long:

      Tajan, I actually know this dude. Jon is one of my friends. We been friends for a while. He isn’t how you describe him. It’s actually because of some of the thoughts in your comment that you posted here that makes him the way he is. Jon like all of us is human and trying to find his place. He has grown a lot since we have been friends. But the thing is he is seen on a larger screen because he is popular.

      Jamari’s portrayal of Jon right however it’s because of the typical fucked up experiences with people in the concrete forest and beyond have made him that way. It’s difficult to find people whom you can really depend on. He is very emotional, and isn’t the best communicator always. He has passions that he is trying to achieve and it takes patience and alot of time to be willing to invest in him as a friend. You have to be committed to listen and be supportive. A lot of times, it won’t make sense to you but it makes sense to him. One of the things all my friends, especially Jon, desire is knowing they have some type of support, like legit 2am to talk about our goals and dreams, and when you sick. All that matters.

      So it’s basically a decision you have to make or ask yourself. Are you willing to invest in someone else? Are you willing to truly be there for someone else, beyond the surface how you doing? Beyond the come on let’s go grab and drink and go out? Are you willing to actually be a committed friend? That’s essentially what we all want, just to belong somewhere and be truly loved or cared for to fill any void thay may exist in our hearts.

      1. *Class asshole raises hand*

        I don’t know your friend so I’m speaking in general, but people always use the “I’ve had bad experience with ATL, NYC, LA, or Houston dudes or dudes from here ain’t shit”. At what point does personal accountability come into play. If I determine people’s value by what they can do for me, what labels they wear, and their body fat percentage then I can guarantee I attract fucked up people. L

        Wanting someone to be there for you at 2 am is all good but you gotta be willing to reciprocate, but most people are all about me me me. As soon as you cheer them up they don’t need you for the time being.

        Emotional. Punching. Bag.

        1. ^plus when he posted about “I don’t want anything else from you” and “if I gave you my ass to kiss”…

          that’s when i thought he came off a little mean.
          he is kinda telling you “this is who I am so take it or leave it”.

          i could be wrong?

      2. Hey Nerd,

        I am glad you came in an painted a truer picture, and I am guilty of painting him in a bad light without knowing him. If you guide him hear and he reads this, my apologies. I am using some of my past experiences with attractive dudes to generalize him without knowing the whole deal. I think we all get where he is coming from because we have all dealt with people who have hurt us and left us for dead when we needed them the most. I wish him well.

    2. Won’t even do a drive by and throw a can of chicken noodle soup at your doorstep when you sick!

      1. ^LOL

        well its hard not to pre-judge jonathan with what he said.
        he posted his truth on his account.
        ive been where he is and it isn’t fun.
        like jay said:


        …can end in loneliness.

  6. The “Pretty Boy Blues” is comparable to a rich person complaining about the price of milk. Petty!

    Anyone that steps to him is likely to just be an emotional punching bag until he feels the need to change on his own.

  7. Sad part is, a lot of people will still be lining up to enter his dysfunction. All the “renovators” and “fixers” that want to make it it their project to make it right because he’s attractive. All so they can avoid their own issues.

    Being the person I am, I already know I’d get into a physical altercation with this person.

      1. We might have the same views regarding not trusting people, but he’s attention seeking with it. I don’t write commentary on social media like that and it comes as advertising for some pseudo- Iyanla Vanzant to come fix his life. He also said he’s afraid to die alone which doesn’t fit with someone who supposedly so distrustful of the world. You just don’t see me around at all and I’m standoffish in person and I don’t care about being alone. This fool will probably be at a brunch with 15 dudes today, but he swears he “trusts nobody”.

        Nothing but the “pretty boy blues” if you ask me.

        I don’t mix with those types and it will be a quick escalation to throwing hands.

        1. ^i like that:

          “pretty boy blues”

          a lot of those on social media.
          i kinda picked that up about jonathan.
          he is attractive,
          but I bet he is also picky as fuck too.

          maybe he is trying to be optimistic?
          he contradicts himself because he doesn’t know what direction to go in?
          he is good looking so he expected to be one way,
          but he has hang ups about what he is looking for?

  8. Sometimes being guarded can make you miss out on a good thing because you’re afraid to let that wall down from past hurt.

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