Hot Rod Will Now Be Served On Thanksgiving Day

hot rod looks like an ostrich.
he has to be something out of the bird family to even consider doing this here…

… because now,
his body looks like a chicken.

why would he even do that to himself?

he looks terrible.
he was fine just the way he was.
his selling point was that gigantic pipe in his frontal region.
those water balloons do not flatter his small legs… PERIOD.
did he do all of this just to wear a thong?
his ass looks distracting in his movies now.
people need to know and love their selling points.
this shit here is ridiculous.

porn entertainers are having the best week ever on ijf.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “Hot Rod Will Now Be Served On Thanksgiving Day”

  1. lol it was the popular thing to do i guess he decided to jump on the balloon ass bandwagon lol this month is about to become too many things! funniest time outta the whole year

  2. if he bulked up his legs a little bit, it wouldn’t look as cartoonish. He’ll still look messy (because his facial expressions say SCANDAL).

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