he helped his sister find out her baby daddy was gay/bi by getting on his knees

*the following entry is rated r
viewer discretion is strongly advised

vixens often want us to prove who they’re with is gay or bi.
that often confuses me because if you have to ask

well he foxhole sent me the following video from darius long on twitter.
his sister wanted to know if her baby daddy was gay.
i guess he went to get answers and well…

some males are so easy to be manipulated.
i guess he was so open he had to have to be sucked up right there.
i’m always looking for the “flim flam” so i’d be cautious af.
honestly tho…

Can you blame him for getting caught up?

some males have such a strong sexual energy that it’s hard to ignore.
for a male who is dl,
probably horny af and tired of fuckin’ pussy,
he couldn’t resist the powers when he genuflect.
it’s like when guys in movies/tv can’t resist the ho any longer and fucks her brains out.

i get it,
buuuuuuuttttt some of these powerful sexual males are still jackals under it all.
now you’ve been exposed getting your dick sucked by another male for likes and advertisement.
hate to see it.

low-key: i’m kinda stuck on her watching and recording the whole thing.

Author: jamari fox

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12 thoughts on “he helped his sister find out her baby daddy was gay/bi by getting on his knees”

  1. Whole thing seems set up to me. I know this generation and the one previous are all sex freaks who cant fuck without their phones recording them fucking but the entire thing seems set up, and who is to tell the story is true..anyone can write any caption for a sex trapped video for LIKES ….next

  2. Yeah cuz I’m sure she just happened to get a perfect shot of their faces with the door cracked lmao 🙄😂

    This somebody’s gay roommate recording lol

  3. All I had to do was look at this guys page & read a few tweets to know he’s a liar 🙄 and whats the deal with this “fantasy” these triflin’ ass gay boys have about suckin/fucking their SISTERS man!?! Again I know this is fake, but I LOVE my sister and I would never get off on the idea of being with her husband! That shit is hateful, jealous, and makes me sick every time I see that type of title and worse the people commenting under talkin about “😩 been there”

  4. I’m puzzled how these guys could pull this off, and boy he know how to suck a mean dick. Never can turn down some good good D.

  5. I’m confused. Did he help his sister or did his sister just catch him sucking her baby daddy dick?

  6. I think this is set up as any other captioned video on freak twitter is but… that’s just my opinion.


      … buts really some random that was met off “jack’d”.

      1. Right. People love making up these catchy titles because they know people love mess and or perversion (kink) or fetish.

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