George Hill Wants To Do A Dance For You

The Fox Jury is interested in what he has to offer us.
The Head Fox is still waiting on that sex tape…
I’m sure that will happen in the future when desperation for viewers sets in.

We will see what my Foxes and Wolves have to say about this.


Nice moves.
I think I saw a little printage.
Those love faces he made looking in the camera…

…made my gutter filled mind go all over the place.

I need him to do that more often.
Preferably on-top of me.

Anyway my Fox Jury… what are we thinking?


I’m more interested to hear what some Vixen had to say after she let him beat.
Did that performance get a: YAY or NAY?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

18 thoughts on “George Hill Wants To Do A Dance For You”

  1. I have to concur, he can have his 15 mins but he does give me broke ass user dick tease type. #wolfnfoxclothin

  2. Wow I guess the kids payed this trick too much attention, he has already removed it. Im sure he is telling everybody it was a bunch of fags peeping his shit and he had to take it down. It is a dude who looks similiar to this dude but better in my humble opinion who was featured on Mechadude2001 blog and this dude has done gay porn, cant recall his name but he was featured just a couple of days ago. Oh well on the next one G. Hill take ya ass on down to UPS and clock in so I can get my christmas packages on time, stop playing these silly ass reindeer games on youtube jigga!!!

      1. Update—Hey Jamari found out the dude name I was referring too who sort of reminds me of G. Hill is name AR Fox, (how ironic lol) you should look him up and feature him as wolf meat, he is a struggling wrestler, but probably has a better chance as being the next Gay Internet pin up boy. He is easy on the eyes.

  3. He Super lame, and looks extra poor!! Lightskinned and lame is a horrible combination. Plus i hate seeing grown ass men dance like that.. It remind me of male revues in Miami in the late 90’s!! #nobueno

  4. Like I said he’s attractive, but he’s such a serial attention whore that it basically almost cancels that out.

    The dance is corny as hell though. Looks like something Usher and Omarion discarded years ago.

    He just looks like he treats women like shit.

    1. ^i need him to impress me with a better wardrobe.
      I feel like all he wears is wife beaters and track pants.

      If he treats any Vixen like shit,
      they obviously don’t know how to get into his head and make him stupid.

      But he is attractive so let him enjoy his 15 minutes…
      I am sure some Vixen will expose him sooner or later.

      1. Oh you know I’m cool with a t-shirt and sweats. Lol

        He probably dates down (as most men do), which considering how he represents himself, could mean he’s dating someone he can wrap around his finger easily. He’s not going to date anyone as attractive and confident as he is.

        I mean we can hate and say he’s no longer attractive now because he made homophobic statements, but the reality is he said what a lot of straight, attractive men say. I’m not surprised. We as human beings always associate good looks with good qualities and we always feel bamboozled when that isn’t the case.

        1. ^i could see him dating a fatty.
          They are excellent at paying bills for pipe lol

          But I agree with you.
          I tend to love slapping around Wolves like him.
          He is an excellent lesson.
          It’ll all make sense soon


  5. I cant watch the vid, but Jamari……………………………………………LOL………Jamari…………..Whats going on with you and ol boy???? I know that they be recieving twitter notices when featured on this site…..I bet ol boy be peeking….And you know it….And you know he luvs it……You know you wearing ol boy down….And you know you bout 5 mins from gettin a lil bit of that GHill dangalang huh???? I aint mad bruh, get the dick dont let it get you.ha

  6. Wasn’t turned on in the least.
    Maybe if he had made that ass clap.
    Or started slangin’ dick.

  7. Why are you still featuring this dude? There are better looking, non-homophobic ones out there – why give him the attention he wants, but doesn’t deserve? #next

      1. IJS, he sounds like the exact type of wolf you’re always warning foxes to stay away from…

        1. ^ yeah, stay away from the “broke” aspect.

          He is dumb, young, cute, and full of cum.
          And Foxes still find him attractive…
          Or Wolves…
          He is “meat”.
          Nothing more; nothing less.

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