Fuck (Mi)

tumblr_m3i49nHPsF1qajmbto1_500i have had a very challenging week.
my job is being “my job”.
even tho my old boss is gone,
and it has gotten a lot calmer,
it seems pineapples have gone buck wild.
its like people doing what they feel like.
everyone taking days off and backing up the work load.
people been out for the week now.
the new boss is just allowing it.
i was supposed to go to karrine steffan’s event for her new book.
that didn’t happen because i had to work overtime.
well i was having a good day today until mi hit me up this afternoon…

“don’t be mad,
but i don’t have enough money to cover rent”

GrDYWxndid i mention that rent is due TOMORROW!?
like you spring this one me the day before rent is due?????
she assured me during the month she would be good.
i bought that ps4 because she promised she would have her portion.
she was being irresponsible.
she also tells me she paid off her phone bill with the rent money.
its like this chick is addicted to snap chat.
and instagram.
and twitter.
and the like.
so of course,
i spazzed on her heavy at work.
she gonna give me an attitude because she fucked up.

HBUcP3N^me being rihanna in that gif.
she wyldin.
i don’t get it.
so i’m in my bedroom and she is in the living room.
she catching herself not talking to me.
i get the attitude for your blatant fuck up?
not only that,
but i’m in-between blessings this month.
she has been eatin me out of house and home.

its my fault tho.
i was being too nice.
i caught myself trying to over extend myself because she is my cousin.
welp that stops!
if she doesn’t have her shit by next month,
which includes another job,
she needs to find another place to live.
i’m pretty much her last stop too.

lowkey: its funny how one thing can lead to a bunch of shit fuckin’ up your day.
i’m trying to find the blessings,
but i’m too depressed right now to find that outlook.
i might need to watch ( x last week’s church service ) again.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “Fuck (Mi)”

  1. Now Mi knows she knows better, you don’t just spring that shit up the day before. She is taking your kindness for weakness and giving attitude when it’s her fault. I know you’re going to be giving her on ICY cold shoulder for awhile.

      1. yo, I feel your pain, dude! Before my mom and uncle sold our house, I was living in it with my two cousins, one was my uncle’s son. These two kats could not get their shyt together to save their lives! It was constantly, “I’m short” on the mortgage or the bills. Luckily the “landlord” was my mom and uncle in that aspect, or THEY would have been in the street, but they NEVER had their full share and it got annoying as hell. But here’s the kicker…they always had the newest kicks or clothes, but couldn’t pay their share of the mortgage or utility bills (because that’s what we were responsible for). I was so glad when they sold the house because I was tired of living with two grown-ass and irresponsible slobs. They stay with their girlfriends now and their situations haven’t changed.

      2. I understand how u feel. I let my little brother stay with me after he graduated college. I was too nice as well and it backed fired cuz the lil mothafucka almost crashed my car and when i said something to him and wanted an apology the nigga got ignorant. Well the next day after i came back from work he still had an attitude. That indignant attitude at that point was too much for me and we got into it. The nigga ended up punching me in my face and i ended up tearing my blinds out the window, putting a huge dent in my wall and breaking my favorite chair kickin his ass. I kicked him out that night and he had to go back to our home town. We are good now and he was forced to get his shit together and become independent because he didnt have a safety net to abuse which i unknowingly had provided for him.

        I hope it doesnt get to that for you and your cousin.

  2. Yeah…try as you might, family always finds a way to fuck things up when you have it going good (or somewhat good). I will NEVER live with family again (certain family members) unless I absolutely have to…but they damn sure can’t stay with me!!! They get comfortable and lazy.

  3. Dang man, that’s just tough, but that is what happens with family, but it would have been better if she did tell you a lot sooner, especially since she knows how tight your money is.

  4. You know your boss needs to put his foot down otherwise the business goes bye bye, but obviously he’s not a leader. Jamari had you thought about being his right hand man to give him some balls of steel

  5. I’m surprised you didn’t cover your ass. We all have family and siblings like this. She hasn’t proven herself to be someone you can really depend on or take at their word yet. Obviously she has a lot to learn about priorities if she thinks a phone trumps a roof over your head.

    Either way it’s important you have enough money to cover her half going forward if she pulls this again or if you have to kick her out suddenly.

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