Fuck (Mi)

tumblr_m3i49nHPsF1qajmbto1_500i have had a very challenging week.
my job is being “my job”.
even tho my old boss is gone,
and it has gotten a lot calmer,
it seems pineapples have gone buck wild.
its like people doing what they feel like.
everyone taking days off and backing up the work load.
people been out for the week now.
the new boss is just allowing it.
i was supposed to go to karrine steffan’s event for her new book.
that didn’t happen because i had to work overtime.
well i was having a good day today until mi hit me up this afternoon…
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If You Fuckin’ For Your Rent, You A Lame Ho.

breezy wolf has a new song.

it will be featured on funkmaster flex new mixtape,
“who you mad At? me or yourself?”.
it’s called “let the blunt go“.
you read right….

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