forever_mistah gets some alleged pipe leakage?


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foreva_mistah is one wolf that everyone wanted to smash before his newfound fame.
from the dancing videos to the inspirational messages,
not to mention his fit ass bawdy of his

he was on everyone’s most-wanted list.

from what i know of him,
he has been very private about how he moved on socials.
it was hard to get any info about him,
but it seems he is getting sloppy as of late.
i’ve never had this many allegedly stories landing on my desk him.
his nudes randomly leaked for review...


oh hello.
that is a nice piece of beef.
if that’s allegedly him on soft,
i can only imagine what it’s like on hard.
i think an accidental leakage of him laying pipe should be up next.
which foxholer is willing to give their hole up for the team?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “forever_mistah gets some alleged pipe leakage?”

  1. He doesn’t do anything for me. I find his constant updates to social media to be annoying… the dick looks okay, but he’s short so I’m guessing that it’s average/slight above average at best. Mostly I just get the vibe he’s full of himself from his posts. Nice body, but the ego is the turn off for me.

    1. First off my man crush is not short, he is 6’0/ 5’11. And he is fine as wine. Now que the cheerleader who sing you be telling them lies, you be telling them lies. My man crush is not an escort lol. He just soooo cute. Don’t say that about my booski

        1. Let’s not forget he was promoting and throwing parties all during the pandemic with no regard for our community’s safety.

  2. Interesting how you said its hard to get info on him when literally everyone knows he is a high priced escort like all these other social media gays.

  3. I like. I’ve heard he is a bottom and interested in older white men. But that’s just the streets.

  4. You said nudes. You only linked one photo? Where’s the rest of the content. He has all of my attention

  5. Omg. Yes. This the same photo on LPSG . I wish there were more. This made my Xmas that much more special. He is so fine. Idc if he is a top or bottom or both or wears women’s clothes , his personality does it for me. Such a fan. Tea like this will keep me tuned in to this page.

  6. That’s him, check them tats. They are all in the same spot. Nice curve but the streets saying, he “allegedly” is a power bottom. That dick is not getting used but to bust a nut on his solo dolo demon time. That’s what the streets saying in my hood. That’s one pipe that ain’t getting used. I wouldn’t be shocked if he did decide to use it tho. A lot of bottoms with big dicks are starting to climb the girls back. Look at Milan, all that Donkey dick and he taking just as much as he slanging. That ass ain’t thick off exercise squats alone. Go on Myvidster and find that Sex Tape, One Night in Milan. Just saying.

  7. If our sister’s nudes were leaked by a guy, we’d handle him.

    The older I get, i think certain behavior isn’t cool as I wouldn’t want it happening to me. Sending nudes yes has a risk of being leaked, but I wouldn’t want mine pasted all over websites.

    And seeing how Shaun T handled his leak when his laptop was stolen….

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