a quick round.
something light and easy.
so everything has come to this.
the hard work.
the blood, sweat, and tears.
2012 and this is it.
they are still around.












Which album are you feelin?

who has grown?
better vocally?
still continues to release good music?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “FOR THE RECORD: (6)”

  1. I’m going to go with Tank’s album. He still has that voice, and he has made sort of a comeback after being gone for so long.

    Chris Brown and Trey Songz are more so on the decline musically at this point. I eliminated them easily. It seems to me that they are focusing more on their fame than doing what actually made them famous. I only liked two songs of Trey’s album. “Without a Woman” and “Dive in”, the rest was crap if you ask me. Chris Brown is so lost that it’s starting to affect his music. Many songs on Neyo’s album are very fast paced, and all the beats of the songs sound very similar to me. When it comes to Miguel, I just don’t like him that much, and I really don’t care for his music anymore.

  2. MIGUEL all fucking day. Chris Browns entire album this year sucked. Just terrible music. Ne Yo’s ‘red’ was decent. Tank Idk that much about, and I am so over trey and every terrible song sounds the same and everyone eats the shit up.

    Miguel on the other hand offers something new to the table. If you asked me last year if I if I would rock with like I do now. i wouldve called you a liar because I hated his personality and didnt understand his music. But I’ve grown so much within a year, I understand what this man is saying and its like he is speaking to me. He writes and produces most of his music. He is like a modern day r.kelly with a twist of prince. Kalediscope Dream is amazing from beginning to end. & now that hes gotten that image together, beefing up a lil more, and is getting tatted up, might I add he is a very sexy hybtid. Mmmmmm wink wink.

  3. Tank All Day …. Tanks album is grown and sexy and from a mans perspective he hits every point we try to explain to women …
    This album and his previous album … Never fails always go on my iPad ,iPod , & iPhone …. Like that song he made … Underrated … That he is… Just how he start the album (this is how I feel) … That intro is amazing he did vocally .., #ImJustSayin

  4. I liked all their albums.
    some for different moods.
    but, this goes between tank and miguel for me.

    i’ll go with………. tank.
    tank has been consistent all these years and still continues to release quality music.

  5. Tank and Miguel definitely have the better albums out of the bunch, but they are so different. Tank is more traditional and Miguel is more eclectic.

  6. Miguel’s album was amazing and that is why you put him on this list because he really is still a newcomer……NeYo’s album was good and Tank always has a cut or two

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