you did the boys.
you did them well last round.
super 7.
now it’s time for a super knock down drag out vixen addition!


















Which album are you feelin’?

who has grown?
better image?
better material?
still continues to release good music?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “FOR THE RECORD: (7)”

  1. Brandy all day every day. Every cd is an elevation and all her cd’s have at least 3/4 bangers that can be played. Thats saying a lot since most cd’s now have only a song or two and the rest is mediocre.

  2. This is easy Rihanna with Unapologetic for the win. It just offers you so much. Stay, Love Without Tragedy, What Now, Lost in Paradise, and No Love Allowed>>>>> these songs will have you drunk texting someone. Jump makes me want to jump somebody’s bones. Right Now makes want to dance my ass off. Numb, Phresh Out the Runway, and especially Pour it Up makes me want to get rachet. Diamonds just make me want to chill and drink. Loveeeeeee Song makes you want to have a warm body to cuddle up with.

  3. Damnit. You went there….LOL

    Well I am #teamBeyonce/Brandy all day but I can honestly say that I thoroughly enjoyed both album for different reasons. I also enjoyed Rihanna’s new album as well..

    Brandy’s album was one of her best albums to date. I love her last three albums but this album/era was Brandy’s best since her NSN days. It’s a shame that she didn’t promote or push this album as she could have. It was a nice touch for her to pay tribute to Whitney Houston. It also showcase a new era for Brandy (finding new love, embracing her sensual side, experimenting with new sounds). She also seem more confident on stage and that’s always refreshing to see! I am STILL playing her new album.

    My favorite tracks from this album: Wildest Dreams, Put It Down, Slower, Do You Know What You Have, Hardly Breathing, Scared Of Beautiful, Wish Your Love Away, Paint This House,Can You Hear Me Now.

    Beyonce’s 4 album was unique in it’s own way to me. It wasn’t her strongest album but it was a fun track. Run The World was her first single and this is the first time I actually didn’t care for the track when I heard it for the first time but the thing about Beyonce, she can sell any song visually both with her videos and her live performances. She debut her new song on Oprah’s farewell concert as well as the Billboard Awards in which she was presented with the Millennium Award. She tore that stage UP! This era she didn’t do a lot of touring mostly because she was pregnant as we later found out. She did a series of memorable concerts to make up for that though. Her festival stints around the world including being the first black woman to headline Glastonbury. I believe this era was more intimate. Her vocals seem more raw and authentic as if she was singing in your living room. Like Brandy, I loved that Beyonce worked with Frank Ocean. I liked that she experimented with new sounds. Her duet with Andre 3000 was a nice touch. Like her previous last two albums, she released visuals for just about every song on the album. I will say that this wasn’t my favorite album from Beyonce but there were definitely enough tracks for me to play it out.

    My favorite tracks from the album: Run The World, End Of Time, Miss You, I Care, Party, Countdown, I Was Here, Love On Top, Best Thing I Never Had, 1+1, Schoolin Life, Dance 4 You

    I loved Keyshia Cole since her first album. I thought her last album was okay and this album is definitely a step up. This album was in production forever. I almost gave up on her putting this album out. So far I loved her visuals for her singles as they are my favorites from the album. I loved that she is paying tribute to her previous albums, which represents growth. Like Brandy, I am kinda disappointed that she is not promoting this body of work as she could. I know her reality show is suppose to kinda make up for that but I feel like she could do more. This album is more for the foxes/ladies but anybody, who appreciate R&B music might like this album.

    My favorite tracks: Enough Of No Love, Trust And Believe, Get It Right, Next Move, Wonder, I Can’t Make You Love Me

    Rihanna is gets on my last nerves with her antics in her personal life but I get that without that, and the fact that she is a fashion goddess, she wouldn’t be interesting. I love her music though. I would NEVER pay for a ticket to see her live but if I was invited to tag along, I would go and I would be smashed. With that said, I like that none of her albums sound alike. She reminds me so much of Madonna (only a Madonna fan would get what I mean…)

    Rihanna’s new album Unapologetic is still one of those albums I am still banging out! It’s raw, it’s gritty, it’s so bad ass and unapologetic. It’s like a darker version of Loud mix with Rated R with a sprinkle of Talk That Talk. It’s definitely a musical glimpse as to where Rihanna is at in her career and life. Sex, drugs and partying…but I also hear pain in her voice…almost like she is over this fame thing. Maybe I am tripping…It’s definitely her honest work to date.

    My favorite tracks: Phresh Off The Runway, Diamonds, Loooove Song, Get It Over With, Pour It Up, Nobody’s Business (ft Chris Brown), Jump

    Jennifer Lopez album Love? is a fun upbeat album. Not my favorite from her but have a lot of stand out tracks that I still love to play when i am getting ready to hit the town. The only two tracks that stand out to me is ‘Papi’ and ‘On The Floor’. I love Jennifer Lopez so any excuse to see her burn the floor is good for me!

    Favorite tracks: Papi, On The Floor, Hypnotico, Until It Beats No More

    Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Alicia Keys….three pop divas that I love to death but I just could not get into either of their albums as much as the previous divas above..

    Britney Spears last album was cute and it was nice to see her comeback strong and snatch some wigs but I just could not get into this era. She didn’t even promote this album enough for me to get into it. She did tour which was a nice touch and although she will never be like she was back in her ‘In The Zone’ days but I still got love for her. She does seem uninterested this time around….again I might be tripping..

    Favorite track: Til End Of The World

    Christina Aguilera tried so hard for that comeback but it was not enough for me to want to buy the album. Her first single ‘ Your Body’ was cute but I got sick of it after a couple of plays. The album is mostly about her talking about self confidence and a bunch of fuck ‘kiss my ass’ anthems. It was okay….

    Favorite track: Army Of Me, Your Body

    Alicia’s latest album is actually refreshing because of the musical arrangements and simplicity of the lyrics. She didn’t resort to ‘new sounds’ and kept it simple. If you like good music, this album is for you!

    Girl On Fire got on my last nerves. I didn’ like it when I heard it and after hearing it during those damn commercials, I was over it. Brand New Me is nice cut but I think I would rather hear Emeli Sande sing it..

    I love that she worked with John Legend & Stacy Barthe. I play ‘When It’s All Over’ everyday..I love the arrangements. She also worked with Bruno Mars, Babyface, and Frank Ocean!

    Favorite Tracks: When It’s All Over, Listen To Your Heart

  4. Brandy all day. I dont skip any of her songs period on her CD. This however was the best one yet tho because Bey is no joke and rhi rhi and a.keys are good too. Brandy just does it for me vocally.

  5. Brandy and Keyshia cole cd I can play from start to finish!!! They definitely surprised me the most especially Keyshia showing her growth writing wise and vocally… I always knew Brandy had it in her just needed the right people around her to help bring it out. Beyonce’s cd is over a year old so I wont include it. A. keys cd is straight garbage except for 3 songs. The first half of rihanna cd is really good and J.lo is not relevant. Britney Spears, Pleazzzzz!!! and Christina A. Im about ready to write her off.

  6. i put my foot in this one if I do say so myself. this battle tied between rihanna, alicia, beyonce, brandy, and christina aguilera.

    woman to woman was wack. i tried listening to that album and was bored. nothing beats her second album for me. britney and jlo are what i call “shuffle albums”. they have songs that if you shuffle your music collection and it comes on, it would sound good. jlo’s album was better than britneys.

    beyonce – her last album was great. what i needed from her. mature lyrics.
    brandy – love the growth and the topics. typical brandy and bad promotion.
    christina – the pop version of stripped.
    alicia – “find yourself” songs that came right on time.
    rihanna – raw idgaf records.

  7. I have to go with Beyonce. I didn’t like 4 at first but it grew on me a lot. Beyonce has grown so much and she just keeps getting better.

  8. I’m going to go with beyonce, I’m not her biggest fan but this was fave cd from her it was different from her other work, I liked that she tried new things, even if wasn’t her best selling work.

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