Everytime He Looks At Me, He Wants To Rip My Clothes Off

This may be fantasy.
This may be reality.
Who knows and who cares…
All I know is I want this:

Well, not to be white with incredibly shiny hair…
But… that.

You know what “that” is?

This is a picture of Brad and Angelina at the Producers Guild Awards:

He is looking at her like SPRUNG.
They scream S E X.
I LOVE IT!!!!!
Even the way Beyonce and Jay look at each other.
And you know what, I want that.
I want a Wolf who is enamored in me.
That look doesn’t happen overnight.
It takes you and him becoming one.
I am always big on the way a man looks at me.
You can tell if you are just a piece of meat… or someone he holds close to his heart.

The way Star Fox’s ex use to look at him….
They would just look at each other and you felt it.
I could feel it.
The way Brad is looking at Angelina in that shot.
That is the way I want my Wolf to ALWAYS look at me.

That means I got him.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “Everytime He Looks At Me, He Wants To Rip My Clothes Off”

  1. We all want that look Jamari and one day we can get a wolf to give us that look. I just need a real wolf to look at me not a queen in wolves guise lol

  2. Yeah, most definitely. I only personally know one couple who’s like that and they’re straight. Dude is FULLY in love with her. You can tell.

  3. He look like he wants to luv that skeleton down right there!lol It would be nice to be in an Angelina/Brad situation…..the day will come…someday.

  4. Melbournefox :
    Today!! I start to claim him from today! Visualise that shit till it manifests!!!x

    I do this all the time. Visualize little things like holding hands walking down the street. Stolen glances. Cuddling at night to go to sleep. I want to believe that this is not some distant idea. I want it to be real. Tangible. And not afforded to just the lucky few.

  5. Something about the love in a dude’s eyes can just make you melt and drop everything you doin to show how much you love him.

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