When We Role Play… (1)


You and your boyfriend had a bad argument.
He basically admitted to you that he kissed your best friend at the club (but he was drunk).
You up and leave his ass to go take a walk.
You needed to blow off some steam.
So you called me, asking to come over to my crib for a while to talk about it.

You know what nearly happened last time you tried to come over to my spot…
So I convince you to go back home and try to work it out with your boyfriend.
When you come back in the house and as soon as you opened the door, you saw your boyfriend doing this…

This was his version of “I’m Sorry”.


Oh and new game, btw.

Author: jamari fox

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19 thoughts on “When We Role Play… (1)”

  1. I’m probably fighting my bf & best friend all in their face; cuz they both know better. Now if I came home to him like that, we might have angry sex – from the back w/his head pushed down…no mercy. Then walk away.

    But we’d still have to talk about it, cuz giving me azz solves nothing.

  2. Id get me some head while im smacking that ass then id bend over the couch and ask if he wants me to taste. Of course he’ll say yes but ill smack him harder and tell him to say it louder. So ill start to move in slowly until he can feel my breathe and say “U shouldve thought of that before u were slobbin on my best friend punk”. Lololol

      1. OnId have to evaluate the entire and determine whether there is a real attraction between him and my best friend.

        Im someone who can get sloppy drunk but Ive never kissed or fucked anyone and blamed it on alcohol.

  3. I had to read it a few times before I understood it. LOL. I would turn him down. It takes more than sex to fix a problem.

  4. I would ignore his ass and go to bed! He knows better than to try that with me! He gets a point for telling me he kissed mybest friend but then again what else he not telling. I need to call my so call best friend now to find out if he was drunk too! Excuse me Jamari, dialing best friend’s number.

  5. First of all, if you cannot handle your liquor, then you should not drink. Kissing my best friend because “you were drunk” is not an excusable act, nor will tooting your ass up compensate for it. (I’ve already had it, so you’ll have to do better than that). Then again, depending on how horny I am, I may hit you with some back shots, and then ignore you for the rest of the night.

    I would also have to talk with my best friend since he has not reached out to tell me what happened.

    Jamari, I will still need to stop by…just because…

    1. ^Then come on by BBB!

      You can tell me how you fucked the dog shit out of him before you left,
      fondle me a little,
      and then sip on something while we talk about how you going to make him work for it.


  6. I would still be pissed off. Giving me ass is not the way to say you’re sorry. My reaction would be the same if he was a top. I would probably look at him like he was stupid and throw his clothes at him. Tell him to sit the fuck down because we need to talk.

  7. Well all would be forgiven,nothing like good sex to make back up, and Im sure that fox is gonna put it on me real good to say Im sorry.

  8. #whoisjamarifox :
    You are with him.
    What magical lamp you rubbed for some random Fox to be booty butt naked in your crib JAY? Lol
    Because I need Victor Cruz already oiled up and waiting for me to come home.

    I totally read this shit wrong then because I thought the dude in the picture was supposed to be the fox I talked to about the problem.

  9. LMAO!!! If he had made my fave dinner with some carrot cake as well then I would consider it cause it was just a kiss. Then I would go to my home dude who he kissed and say really dude! I wonder what he would say

      1. Oh this is supposed to be the one I’m with?

        I thought he was just some random naked dude in my apartment. LMAO!

        1. ^yes!
          You are with him.
          What magical lamp you rubbed for some random Fox to be booty butt naked in your crib JAY? Lol

          Because I need Victor Cruz already oiled up and waiting for me to come home.

      2. I’m ima need more than sex. That’s gona make me wonder. Plus I love carrot cake lol much like u and that Mac book

  10. Smash him on the webcam and send it to him with the words “I was drunk too!” Lol

    Naw but for real I’m not a cheater, if worse comes to worse, I’ll break up with you and then go smash someone else.

    He’s cute, even though I can’t see his face.lol

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