Drake Looks Like He Would Drink Rihanna Period Blood

tumblr_n1kwkoJNcP1qzclrjo1_500i know.
i like when drake is smizing up on rihanna like ^this tho.
i don’t know what she sprinkled on her pussy that turned him out,
but dammit,
bottle it and ship it to me STAT.
drake brought rihanna out on his “would you like a tour” tour in paris, france.
this happened…

25s6gliyou can tell he really likes her.
that bitch is trippin’.
if i had a wolf who looked/acted like drake,
who would probably do anything for me including love me,
you think i’d be single?
i love drake’s whole persona.
its so refreshing than the typical shenanigans.
he may not be a bad boy,
but he looks like he would LOVE the fuck out you.
not to mention he got home training and loves his mama.
she better hop on that.

lowkey: drake looks like he would do something like this:

4399452991 that turns me on.
god bring that wolf to me now!!!
tamed and trained.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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