Are You Hard or Just Happy To Be There?

sam-combine-02242014so ^this is the talk of michael sam‘s nfl combine try out.
there is no talk on how he did,
but moreso his alleged hard dick after his 40 yard dash…

wow he has a huge ass.
okay sorry.
i noticed.
that walk tho<<<
i also noticed.
anyway they were saying he was hard because of all the other pre baller wolves there.
don’t all men get hard when our testosterone is through the roof?
i know i do.
you should have seen how hard i was playing gta v and call of duty ghosts.
winning and competition personally makes me horny.
i could have fucked someone right there and blame it on a video game.
i feel this makes me think people are stupid as usual.
what were all the d/l pre baller wolves looking at?
i’ll wait.

lowkey: overheard a conversation at work with the mailroom wolves today.

“…that dude,
the gay one who just got put on the nets for 10 days,
he nice on the court.”

“yeah he is.
he gay tho.”
“nah who cares about that gay shit man.
people acting like that shit is a big deal.
look at ellen.
she is gay and got crazy swagg.”

…i guess most straights don’t give a fuck about it.
then again this is new yawk tho.
maybe the convo would be different elsewhere.

photo courtesy of: Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “Are You Hard or Just Happy To Be There?”

  1. 1. If he had an erection, as you know for men erections can happen for a reason or for no reason. Penis sometimes seem to have minds of their own when it comes to getting erect or semi-erect. 2. You are right, Jamari. Vigorous exercise seems to often bring out the dick. Look at the many online postings of track and field athletes with penises seemingly erect or semi-erect. 3. Yes, Victor Cruz seems to have had a very visible erection after the Giants won the Super Bowl. I don’t remember it being in the locker room. My recollection is that it was on the field. Maybe it was in both instances. This is much ado about nothing. No pun intended and no reference to the size of Michael Sam’s dick erect or not intended!

  2. I knew as soon as I read “his dick was hard” that “it was because of the other players” was gonna come right after.He’s been playing football for how long now?Being around a bunch of muscular men is not anything new to him.

  3. Yea he walk like one those black mothers that going to whoop their child’s ass. “Shawnquan you better bring yo ass over here boy.”

  4. This is what I was expecting and society never disappoints; well actually it does but that’s another story. If you’re going to be in the public eye expect to be scrutinized; fortunately the shelf life of most of it is pretty damn short. I believe the more and we openly discuss such topics the better off we will be as a society. s/n HE GOTTA BIG OLE SMASHABLE BOOTY!

  5. Sam did not perform well at the combine, but he can go back to Mizzu and do well at his Pro Day. Plus he still can get drafted in due to the fact that this group do have alot of guys who will be picked in the 3-7 rounds. Just as long as he can perform his job no one should behinder from doing what they want to do. It is already guys in the NFL that is GAY, but is hiding it!!!

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