Trump Gets An “A” For All His Hard Work

so it has been 60 days since cheeto man,
has been in office.
i refuse to call him “president”.
as far as i’m concerned,
president obama still holds that title.

we have seen every single fail and tweet.
has he even had a win?
well cnn got some of his biggest supporters together to grade him.
this is what they had to say…

all “a”s and one “b”.

is it me,
or did they just seem unsure of their answers?
how you gonna give him an “a”,
but in the next breath,
can say how much he is “still working on things”?
wouldn’t that be a “d”?
the orange hyena is getting all “f”‘s from me.

many of his supporters are coming off mentally ill.
this just doesn’t make any sense to me.
this are the type to be on this roof:

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “Trump Gets An “A” For All His Hard Work”

      1. ^I watched this clip on CNN this morning. We have it on the big screen in the office.
        It’s FRIGHTENING that people cannot or will not see past his BS. This man is a terrible businessman. He ran his gaudy ass casinos into the ground and got rid of them, most of his hotels aren’t his…he just licenses his name on them, and that’s starting to backfire. He couldn’t get the GOP to work together, so when all else failed…he tried to bully them into approving their bad health plan alternative, and he failed. Then he goes in on the Dems, blaming THEM when the Congress and House are mostly REPUBLICAN! So how is it the Dems fault?!
        If this mofo told them money was yellow, not green, they would believe him. I cannot see how he gets people to believe his nonsense. Spicer looks like a damn fool every day he gets up on that podium and tries to smooth over this idiot’s words. I love watching the reporters roll their eyes, shake their heads, etc. It’s sad all around.

  1. What did he actually do? I’m lost. Didn’t his controversial Health Care repeal got thwarted? Has he built the wall? I am confusion! Trump supporters, oh no baby what is you doing?!

    1. Amen, Jay!!! They TRULY proved it to me watching that nonsense. They were doing their damnest to justify his actions. Fail!

  2. This is White Supremacy in full effect people. At the end of the day, Whites voted because he assured them that he was going to make it good for them again by trampling on the rights of all people of color. His supporters are bat shit crazy, I have gotten tired of arguing with them on Twitter, it is a no win. White people will go down in flames rather than admit that this idiot has not a fucking clue to what he is doing. They are a mediocre race at best and none of them ever do any real work, they just skate by on their whiteness. I have seen dumb ass white people my whole working life who are over departments and dont have a clue how any thing works. Donald Trump is the ultimate definition of a low achieving white person. Most white people have this notion that they are going to be rich just like the Donald and they almost think it is there birthright. They dont think anybody else deserves anything but the scraps they leave behind. The Global economy has dealt them a blow they were not ready for. They are all angry because none of the rich people in these company looked out for their interest and let all of those so called good jobs go overseas where they can make even more money and dont have to pretend to give a shit about them losing everything. They are BIG MAD now at minorities, they have this sense that they have paid our way and we are lazy and dont work. They are mad that they have not gone back and gotten more training and education, so now they are blaming the Mexicans for stealing their jobs, but didnt say a mumbling word to the people who brought them over here back in the day to build this country up for a fraction of the cost.

    Dont worry, they are dying off in huge numbers due to their Opiate addiction, they cant cope with the reality that they are going to have to survive just like everybody else in this new world order and their skin color will no longer grant them any special privilege. Donald Trump is their last stand to save their world. He is soon to go down in flames and deep down they know it. They are insecure, mean and hateful just like Trump and will never face the truth until they are eating cat food and staying out on the streets. How any sane person can give this moron anything but a F should tell you all you need to know about white folks. Sadly most of them are this stupid

    1. ^after dealing with the obvious racism i dealt with at my last jobs,
      im starting to see most whites for what they are.
      i try not to say all because i don’t want to single out an entire race,
      but a majority are simply just not nice.

  3. They are just like the whites of the Jim Crow South. As long as he blames “the others”, then they are OK with his bullshit and crapola.

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