dominique galbraith and her faith don’t want to work with no gays and…

In “Some Christians And Their Life’s Mission To Be Goofy” News…

everyone meet dominique galbraith.
she is a wife,
a mother,
a Christian,
and a custom bridal designer.
dominque has found herself in quite the pickle recently.

Dominque’s faith has put a slight dent in her pockets.

she chose not to make something for a gay couple in NY due to her faith and…

one of my favorite past-times is calling out toxic Christians in the wild.
they like to wear a mask to protect their (self) righteousness,
but end up being exposed for their hateful ways.

So I guess Dominque is about to all the way to the poor house with this logic?

She can’t do retail or her own career because of mixed fabrics.
She can’t be around people cause who knows who is sleeping with their neighbor’s wife.
She can only work in vegan restaurants because of the whole shellfish and pork thing.
She can’t reside around other humans who haven’t atoned for their sins.
She can’t be around certain males who love to fuck vixens on their period.

( x see all of this here )

…and since she is intent on following her faith,
how is she even gonna pay 25k on a hosting salary at a vegan restaurant?

as a mom and running her own stalled business?

let’s hope she gets donations from other moronic Christians to cover that bill.

4 thoughts on “dominique galbraith and her faith don’t want to work with no gays and…

  1. I am curious about the opinions of others on this question? Would it be discrimination if a Jewish designer refused to sew Nazi uniforms and armbands for Neo- Nazi’s or an African American designer KKK robes for White Supremacists?

    1. Those are terroristic hate groups, so it’s pretty hard to make the correlation.

      Has she made a video about her journey maintaining her virginity, since she must be one considering her strong, devout faith, of course??

      1. They are hate groups: I agree. Each should simply find someone in their subset or group to offer their business. In New York it should be easy to find talented gay designers to make a jumpsuit for a same sex couple. I am sorry she has to pay anything at all. Being messy and possessing terroristic overtones isn’t indigenous to only those groups mentioned.

        1. I agree. Why are you begging someone to take your business/money, instead of going to 1 of the 164856 gay designers on every block in NYC?!

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