chris stokes ex-wife doesn’t deserve props since she has found a voice now

If you watch people get abused and stayed silent,
but now you share a common enemy with the abuse victims,
you don’t get props for speaking up now.

you don’t get props because “now you’ve seen the light“.
when it was all good,
you turned the other cheek for your benefit.
whether it was money or just to be in the circle,
you sat there and ate your food while witnessing messed up shit.

You know how many people saw me get hurt,
and treated unfairly but now they got fucked over,
they wanna come to me and spill all?
So what?
We are gonna trauma bonded together?


chris stokes ex-wife,
monyee morton,
all of a sudden wants to confirm the alleged rumors about him

she is just as guilty even after she left him.
she doesn’t get props because she is speaking up NOW.

She was married to him since 2004.

raz b started poppin’ off around 2007.
( x see here )
b2k came out in like 2002.
she was there during their prime and she saw things.

It’s 2024.

tf is she even fonting about?
her best course of action?

Work behind the scenes to make it right with all the victims
Gather all her evidence and make a civil complaint via Cassie
Let that do the talking so she doesn’t need to address anything via IG PR statement

she doesn’t get props because she sees he is an alleged piece of shit.

lowkey: if you have noticed,
all of those males are broken in some ways.

2 thoughts on “chris stokes ex-wife doesn’t deserve props since she has found a voice now

  1. Well this is interesting didn’t know he was married he always gave gay face dick sucking lipz vibez to me and I can spot a predator and I knew he was a ped0 way back in 04 when I was in high school from that mtv cribs episode and Raz b (who he named) was his chosen. Every B2K member had their own house but Ras B stayed with him 🤷🏾‍♂️ like a couple it was obvious. So my questions is where was her antennas? Hopefully this will inspire other victims to finally burn the NDA they sign and speak so he can go to jail

    Thanks for posting a non subscriber article JF

  2. This divorce is obvs a messy, problematic one. How tf would she know if he was being nasty w them? Why would he do them in front of her, or come home giving her the scoop? She lying and is obvs low on funds.

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