Dick Pics Make The World Go Round

“i know you want to see me naked.
i want to see you naked as well.
if thats what you look like with your shirt on,
i can’t stop imagining what the whole package looks like.
the thing is baby…
i like you.
well i like what you are bringing to the table so far.
this first conversation is cool.
hell i don’t even know your last name or what your favorite color is.
i just don’t want to move so fast baby.
i want to get to know you better.
is that cool?

it amazes me how people are so quick to trade naked pics so fast…

the foxhole has been blowing me up these last few days.
it seems like slapmyfatty is back to their old tricks on tumblr.
( x click here for a refresher course )
well this trip of “dickland”,
they got some wolves that we know all to well.
i doubt some of them are gay/bi/tri.
i’m sure in order to get their naked pictures,
some kind of scheme was involved.
it was probably a picture.
a pretty vixen,
with some healthy body parts,
and a lethal conversation.
have you noticed how wolves,
straight or gay,
can be pretty stupid with the simple promise for sex?
some foxes as well.
we can get excited when lonely.
i had to wonder tho…

How fast did it take for them to give up the goods?

i spoke to one of the wolves who got outed on the site.
he didn’t know until i filled him in.
he was immediately embarrassed.
from what he told me before,
he has a vixen.
i’m sure she would be pissed to know her dick is on display for the world to see.

“you was trying to get some pussy.
don’t lie.”

“no i wasn’t.
i don’t know how this happened.
i may have been hacked.”

he was more concerned with his reputation than anything else.
i can be scrolling through my tumblr,
minding my own business as i like to think,
and someone’s dick pics scroll down my timeline.
clever user names:


…and the like.
how did this even happen?
what did this person say to make you cum up off your dick?
if it was that easy,
then how easy is it to get into their wallet?
tumblr_mb75t61rQj1qmfh3weveryone is moving so fast these days.
the last wolf i met was over me in an hour conversation.
that was also the last time i was on jack’d.
it started out great too.
he seemed great.
well he got mad because i wouldn’t send him a picture of my tail.
his excuse is he drives from connecticut to jersey for work.
i know you’re wondering what does that have to do with anything?
well this pineapple told me if the picture is nice,
he will stay at my crib between trips.
he also said he know i would let him because he looks good.
needless to say i’m sure he slept at rest stops because he wasn’t staying here.
he did look good tho.

tumblr_mb75v66t5C1qmfh3wthis will never stop tho.
this is a new era of dating.
well “fucking”.
if people would stop letting their hormones think for them,
they wouldn’t be in predicaments like this.
its one thing for your crazy ex to out you,
one who was so good at ear hustlin’,
but a virtual stranger you haven’t even met?
they were able to get you out of 7 pictures of your private parts?
sometimes even a video?
i don’t know whats worse:

the outer or the outed.

one person’s life is so slow they have plenty of time to do this.
the other person wants to move so fast,
they feel they have no time to do it.
either way…


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

21 thoughts on “Dick Pics Make The World Go Round”

  1. It really is so sad and then you have people complaining and pondering why they can’t be happy or find a relationship… Because sex always comes first to some. I’ browsed through his new tumblr and chuckled because I knew someone That was posted. If I send you my nudes you will have something to lose as well.

  2. SMH. These dudes out here today man. I just domy know. That experience you had on Jack’d tho….People really believe they will always get by on their looks.

  3. I kept forgetting to tell you that about the site. Outside of the celebs being baited, I actually enjoy his content.

    That said, I’m starting to be over these bait tumblrs. It seem like these sites are ran mostly by foxes who only want dick pics. Dick pics are a dime a dozen these days and I want to see more….

    1. ^correction: jackals.

      i personally can’t get with a dick pic.
      what if you send a dick pic and it’s terrible?
      what if you send an ass pic and you just lay there like a dead fox?

      i need to see videos of that stroke game.

  4. Ya’ll can have the dating thing. Not interested in anyone and don’t even kinda like anyone and I plan to keep it that way.

    Even the dick is being put in storage under lock and key.

  5. Link? The link you posted doesn’t work. It’s like you are referring to an inside joke that no one gets. I understand the concept of sending dick picks, but what are you referring to? The Foxhole has been blowing you up about what? I feel left out. 🙁

    1. When I saw CJ on there I was blown away. A lot of those guys, I have now clue who some of them are. A few I recognize, but many of them I do not. I’m sure most of them are aware those pics are there.

      1. Christian I was shocked when I saw CJ on that page too. I bet he is the one that Jamari is referring to because I know he is trying to build his brand, and he doesn’t seem messy. I don’t agree with baiting and posting on the internet but I’m not going to lie I love looking at those pictures.

  6. I think it’s wonderful to see the dick pics…especially given the constant barrage of ass pics…especially the many posted by people who have absolutely no interest in ass, whatsoever and are just fakin. If he posts dick. I will look. Don’t want it seen/shared …don’t post it. Don’t even take it. Walk around like all the other guys with 3-4 layers on below the waist..shorts over sweats, thermal over boxers under jeans, those corny towels dangling in front of the crotch of your football uniform….and yet wearing nothing at all (except tattoos) up above. LOL

    1. Most of the bait sites I’ve encountered were full of dick pics. They refused to show any ass at all. If you me to the ones with all the ass pics, you will make a good friends.

  7. I have been guilty of trading naked pics in the past on hookup sites because it just seemed like that was the way to do things at the time. I have come to understand that if I want someone of value I have to leave Thot like behavior behind me.

  8. I ignore those types. You are not coming next to me thinking you can just slide up under me after a damn 5 minute convo online. GTFOH lol

  9. It’s easy to see how these dudes get baited.

    The baiter pretends to be a girl looking to fuck. If not fucking, showing off her titties and shit. Because all men looking to fuck (highkey desperate, and not giving a shit about it) they jump on the chance to talk to a girl that’s looking to trade nudes, cause most girls aren’t like that.

    Which should be a red flag. If a girl trying to see my dick, and we haven’t even known each other an hour, I know something is up. 90% of girls don’t even like sex like that, so I know that shit can’t be real.

    I think this is why so many dudes are on the downlow. Getting with a girl takes too long compare to the dudes ready to let you smash NSA.

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