Dick Pics Make The World Go Round

“i know you want to see me naked.
i want to see you naked as well.
if thats what you look like with your shirt on,
i can’t stop imagining what the whole package looks like.
the thing is baby…
i like you.
well i like what you are bringing to the table so far.
this first conversation is cool.
hell i don’t even know your last name or what your favorite color is.
i just don’t want to move so fast baby.
i want to get to know you better.
is that cool?

it amazes me how people are so quick to trade naked pics so fast…
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What Happens When Your Butt Cheeks Get Leaked Online…

we are so used to baller wolves pics having some penis leakage.
what happens when the vixen’s leaks?
everyone meet nick young:


he okay…
he has a better looking friend:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8YNXzwxrt2s]

he plays for the sixers.
this was his fiance….

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