I Forgive You For Planning To Kill Me For 11 Years

snellville7n-1-webwell remember these two stunning jackals?
christopher ervin and cameron ervin.
well they tried to kill their parents and blow them to smithereens in their atlanta home.
( x read here for refresher )
well you know i was going to keep my nose in this story.
as always this fox has updates!
check the motive…

One of the two Georgia brothers accused of trying to kill his parents in a violent attack allegedly told investigators he has been planning the crime since childhood, according to WSBTV.

Yvonne Ervin called 911 on Sept. 5 and told police her children were trying to kill her and her husband Zachary at their home in Snellville, Ga.

She told the operator that her husband had distracted their sons, 17-year-old Cameron and 22-year-old Christopher, so she could call for help.

The parents told police their sons gave them Xanax in a cocktail the night before and then tried to asphyxiate them with plastic wrap.

Both parents were hospitalized after the attack but have since been released.

A search warrant obtained by WSBTV revealed that the alleged attack was planned years before the incident happened.

In the search warrant a detective wrote, “One of the sons also stated that he had been planning this since he was 11 years old.”

During interviews, one of the sons also admitted that he wanted to cover up the evidence by setting the house on fire.

According to the warrant, the mother told police that, “during the attack the sons poured an unknown substance on her and then she felt heat on the back of her leg.”

The document showed that police seized lighters, flammable substances, weapons, plastic wrap, Xanax pills and a knife.

Yvonne Ervin also told police the boys were acting strange the night before the attack. She said they offered to cook dinner for her and Zachary, which was out of character for them.

Cameron and Christopher Ervin were charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and arson in the first degree to endanger human life, according to ABC News.

Both brothers are being held in the Gwinnett County Detention Center without bond.


























tumblr_mg0io621GX1qaf90uo5_250they are the stupidest criminals alive.
their whole “plan” was a gigantic fail.
according to the foxvine,
they were pushed over the edge because the parents wanted them to start paying rent/bills.
they must have some sociopath behavior because…
in most pictures,
they look like a nice little happy family.
two spoiled brats,
but happy nonetheless.

well like most parents,
they have decided to let bygones be bygones.
no stabbing or potential arson could make their love go away!
this is what they told the wsb-tv in atlanta:

Yvonne and Zachery Ervin spoke outside Gwinnett County Court, saying that they forgive their sons.

“Those were not our boys that did that to us. We did not raise our boys that way,” Yvonne Ervin told Channel 2’s Tony Thomas.

Yvonne Ervin still had bruising on her face from the attack.

“We understand there are consequences for what they did. They understand that, but we’re just praying that the world forgives them in the same way that we forgive them,” Yvonne Ervin said, standing by her husband’s side.

Chris and Cameron Ervin made an appearance before a judge on Friday. It was the first time that either of their parents had been at one of the hearings.

The boys are accused of drugging their parents and trying to blow up their home on Forbes Trail earlier this month.

When that didn’t work, they brutally attacked their parents, police said.

Thomas asked if they forgive the boys.

“It doesn’t matter,” Zachary Ervin said. “It’s all for the glory of God.”

“We forgive our sons and love them unconditionally. And we had to make sure that they understand that,” Yvonne Ervin said.

Thomas asked the couple how they were healing.

“God has done miraculous healing with us. We’re doing great. We’re healing both mentally and physically,” Yvonne Ervin said.

i guess all things can be forgiven,
now i have something i been thinking about.
i wonder…

If both brothers will go to the same prison together?

they really gonna need god’s protection on the yard.
i hope they planned their cell block survival as well.


lowkey: i feel like there is more to this story.
something ain’t connecting for me.

articles taken: myfox 8 | wsb-tv | click here to listen to 911 call

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

22 thoughts on “I Forgive You For Planning To Kill Me For 11 Years”

  1. Shit, my parents would’ve killed me or had someone else to do it in prison.

    I knew it was over something petty. Probably been spoiled all their lives and now they’re grown and not doing anything productive and the parents put their foot down.

      1. Mental illness is real and manifests itself at an early age.

        If it was about abuse why are their grown asses still living at home spending their parents money?

        Plus the execution was just sloppy and they wouldn’t have gotten away with it even if the parents were killed.

        Neither brother looks like they’re playing with full decks.

  2. I’m with you Jamari, there has to be something more especially for him to be planning it for 11 years! Maybe some kind of abuse? Cuz wanting to kill your parents over some bills is a lil extreme and to blow up the house also? Where would they have lived after that?

  3. ^yeah because they forgive them real quick.
    god couldn’t make me forget about such a traumatic experience so quick.

    plus why didn’t they just kill them the night before?
    they said they tried to smother them.
    so why at 8am in the morning?

    i know they probably expected to get that life ins policy.

    1. ^now this may sound like a stupid statement…

      but their instagrams and facebooks didn’t give off that impression

      meaning they both looked like spoiled over achievers.
      the oldest was about to go into the army.
      which is why i’m saying this whole thing is weird.

  4. I’m not going to try to figure crazy out.

    It might be “something more to it,” as Jamari states.

    On the other hand, so many of us are so brainwashed by religion, I wouldn’t be surprised if the parents were just crazy enough to actually believe “Lawd, Jeebus gon’ take care of it! Boogity! Boogity”

    Or they could be “bad seeds.” I mean, Xanax is a Schedule IV narcotic. Somebody ain’t playin’ with a full deck (and got the subscription to prove it)

    1. ^another great point.

      maybe they are just two crazies.
      shame they couldn’t get god to heal them before it was too late.
      i just felt like this story has more to it.

    2. Yeah they don’t give Xanax to anyone unless they stole it, which means either someone is being prescribed and or they are self medicating

  5. As others have said if their parents are abusive,then get a job and move you ass out.This was not a 12 and 10 year old trying to escape from their parents abuse.They could have joined the military,job corps, or just get job.They could sell some jewelry,electronics,sneakers ,etc on Craigslist to raise money to escape their abusive parents.
    I also can’t stand “dumb criminals” if you are going to be a criminal,Do it well.Plan,prepare,etc

  6. So one of boys said he has been planning this since the age of 11. So what happened at age 11 that made him want to do this? I think there is much more to the story. If you look at the photos they are smiling and laughing. The parents said that they understand the circumstances that made them do this. The question is what were the circumstances. I don’t think news and media are asking the right questions here. I know that they are looking at the facts but the facts don’t mean squat without the REAL reason why they did this.

  7. This story is crazy, smh I’m agreeing with everyone else there has to be more to this because shit is not adding up.

  8. There may be more to it, but it sounds to me like these were spoiled kids, whose parents FINALLY woke up and saw that they were probably not doing anything productive with their lives and decided to cut the chord, and they (the boys) were not having that. They ineptly set about trying to kill the parents…but fucked that up. Probably saw too many specials where white kids were doing it and getting away with it for a while…and thought they could do the same. But in the end they always got caught. These two…they messed up big time.
    For the one who had this planned for 11 years, perhaps he didn’t like the “rules” his parents had in place.
    He probably wanted to do what his friends were doing, and mommy and daddy were not having it. My parents had rules in place, and my dad was kinda strict, but I never wanted to kill them. I talked back every now and then (from a safe distance-lol), but the thought of wiping them out never crossed my mind.
    Even so, if I did what I was supposed to, I usually got what I asked for. It wasn’t just given to me. I had to do my part. I used to be amazed when I’d go to my friend’s homes and their mom was doing their laundry for them and cleaning their rooms. And the way they talked back to their parent(s), I’d be in shock. These two seem to fit in that category. So when the parents started to deny them…they probably didn’t take too kindly to being told no.

  9. This is not only sad, but a bit scary. They planned this for 11 years? Why not just runaway like any other child? The most disturbing aspect of this is that not only one of them had these thoughts and plans, but both of them.

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